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Is the United States ripe for a new populist awakening?

The Tea Party, The Coffee Party, Occupy Wall Street: Our united states is evidencing (presently amorphous) populist convulsions--a seeming awakening of the people to the need to reclaim the reigns of democratic power. What might a mature populist awakening look like?


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    Nov 16 2012: Well to be equally frank, if you have such a negative view of the potential of Americans, I see you as just a self-righteous misanthrope on the sidelines glowing with your own intelligence and disdaining the ignorant hoards. Such as yourself will not be satisfied with anything.

    But if you truly want to open your mind and consider a beginning point (and I don't assert that I have the whole solution yet), you might examine and consider as a whole, and offer me good nature feedback on the following pages:




    In essence, I am saying that if we create a community building organizational structure, a forum, as it were, we might begin to empower the people better and plug them into their government jurisdictions more effectively. This movement must also be organic and good-will community building, not just strictly political, in order to correspond to a balanced view of human nature, if it will be effective.
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      Nov 16 2012: I insinuated nothing of the potential of American citizens, so your anger is misplaced. I have mentioned an instance where we, on the whole, have failed to rectify a situation that was objectively terrible, yet highly publicized, even though we were outright given the opportunity. The only reason that series of events could have unfolded like that is through a lack of engagement with our representatives; as such, I fail to see why you disagree with me when your first link reinforces that sentiment in its third point.
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        Nov 16 2012: My "angry" response above was in reference to TED Lover's words as follows:

        "Your suggestion that the moderate middle should mobilize is just as threatening to me as mobilization of the right or left wingnuts. The moderate middle are no more rational than the two extremes. Their views are just different but their core drive is the same.I'll repeat, "Americans have been TAUGHT to confuse emotions with thought, thus they are slaves to their fears." Few Americans have ever thought a rational thought."

        Although I don't consider myself so much angry as passionate about our American people's potential...
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          Nov 17 2012: Ah, thank you. Please disregard my previous statement.

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