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Is the United States ripe for a new populist awakening?

The Tea Party, The Coffee Party, Occupy Wall Street: Our united states is evidencing (presently amorphous) populist convulsions--a seeming awakening of the people to the need to reclaim the reigns of democratic power. What might a mature populist awakening look like?

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    Nov 15 2012: To tell you the truth, I see the resurrection of genuine "we the people" American populism as my very life goal and destiny. If I'm to live and breathe in this world, why not aim to live big???
    • Nov 16 2012: The world is so big,with a huge variety of people and zillions of idea and you prefer to be stuck at the ancient concept of "Nationalism",who did brought nothing but paranoia between each other . Such idea(who refuse to be buried) can be quite dangerous,if its damage on diplomacy becomes big enough to justify a World War 3 .
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        Nov 16 2012: Nationalism would be a wrong way to conceive of what I'm saying. While I feel America is the right place to begin this POPULIST resurrection and purification, I also hold that it is the destiny of the whole world. Here is a quote from my concept website's homepage:

        "The great populist spring of discontent sweeping our world, from the Arab Spring to the economic strife in Europe, all have one underlying cause: the people are not sufficiently plugged in to the instruments of their leadership; the people are yearning for a more intimate relationship with their own destiny and direction. New American Spring recognizes America’s providential system of representative government as the very example necessary for the world to adopt in fulfillment of its yearnings, and in challenging Americans to live up to the spirit of their great government, we are challenging America to attain to its brightest leadership and global example to date—the populist crown exemplifying the very potential of man!"

        In other words, ALL THE WORLD has true populist yearnings.
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    Gail .

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    Nov 15 2012: The riff between the two predominant political views (progressive conservatives v. progressive liberals) is too great at present. There is too much disrespect and neither side is a majority.

    Wait until the economy fails. Then people can come together in the name of survival, if they are able to set aside their ideological blinders.

    My preferred populist awakening is very different from any mainstream idea.
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      Nov 15 2012: Gee I hope we don't have to wait for economic collapse to get there, but you are right-- this can be the motivator. In fact, all these present populist stirrings are related to our economic strife. But I am calling for us to wise up and preempt such an eventuality. What do you think of this message of mine?
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        Gail .

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        Nov 16 2012: I tend to agree with your web site, but I don’t think that you have taken it far enough.

        During Occupy, I tried to bring Occupiers and Tea Partiers together because they ARE working on the same problem. The problem I faced was lack of functional education combined with lack of willingness to educate themselves or trust one another.

        I can tell you the day that America was set up for the economic collapse of 2008 (and the Great Depression and other great tragedies) and our current fiscal/social/political woes. I can give you a plethora of documentary evidence for my view. Knowing about these documents, I know how to take back America. The problem was that no one was willing to listen.

        The conservative progressive theocrats terrify the liberal progressive extremists and vice versa. These two groups will never come together. Their fear prevents it. Their fear is understandable.

        Americans have been LIED TO about their own history. Because of this, they do not know that the two sides are vehemently opposed to the only rational solution that they both really want.

        Christians have been LIED TO about church history and the teachings of Jesus. Because of this, they do not know that Christianity and a proper Constitutional Republic are not mutually exclusive.

        Americans think that they are educated, and they do not know that they are (again) provably indoctrinated. This leaves them unable to think rationally and leaves them distrustful of actual documentation that disturbs their entrenched worldviews. Fear interferes.

        George Orwell’s dystopia, as outline in “1984” is upon us. The problem must be addressed from this level. How would you suggest that we do that? How many Americans are willing to admit that they have been programmed to fear rational thought, and they do not even know what rational thought looks like.

        Americans have been TAUGHT to confuse emotions with thought, thus they are slaves to their fears.
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          Nov 16 2012: Shrinking government and education, the key is to change the culture from one of dependency on the government.

          Is it likely to happen? Nope

          Is it going to be a Dystopia or Mad Max?
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          Nov 16 2012: The answer to getting Americans on the right page is not so much research and education in the beginning, as it is setting the example with a movement of the rational remnant, as it were. This is why I title my piece "a call to independent mobilization." You can say this is similar to what is needed in the Arab world too-- the moderate middle should get a movement going, so that everyone can see that there is an option to the extreme. Once people see and feel and touch a rational middle, then they can begin to open their minds to the rational content behind the movement.
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          Nov 16 2012: Can you point to an example of this?
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        Gail .

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        Nov 16 2012: I don't see the path and you haven't yet articulated it. I think that you underestimate the power of the pulpit and Fox news - both of which have become tyrannical hate organizations in the last 20 years. (After many conversations with them, I can tell you that they really do not know how hateful and cruel they have become)

        You also underestimate the power of diseducation, where people have no idea how an effective government is supposed to work. And you can't articulate that until you understand basic economics that drive our politics and every aspect of our culture, and then link them together.

        Your suggestion that the moderate middle should mobilize is just as threatening to me as mobilization of the right or left wingnuts. The moderate middle are no more rational than the two extremes. Their views are just different but their core drive is the same.

        I'll repeat, "Americans have been TAUGHT to confuse emotions with thought, thus they are slaves to their fears." Few Americans have ever thought a rational thought.

        Perhaps if you were to offer a rational vision to a solution, you could gain followers, but I am not going to work against my own interests by being a sheeple to another organization that does not have a clue as to how to fix what is broken.

        Don't mean to sound mean here, but I don't know how to answer your post without addressing the point that what you call rational and what I call rational are two very different things. So please don't take offense, OK? :-)
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    Nov 16 2012: We usually make the mistake of seeing freedom as a destination, instead of seeing it as a present continous process.
    Even if all the grand ideas of the populist movements are realised, there should always be the awareness of the possibility of decline, and a fight (not as in violence) to prevent such.
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      Nov 16 2012: Very astute observation! This is why I interpret the ideal realization of American freedom in this populist vision as "perpetual activation." But so as not to give the impression that this needs always be an effort and strain, the best way to view it is as Community Life. If we live as active and healthy participants in community (community properly adjusted to our democratic systems of empowerment), we will remain perpetually activated toward our ultimate well being.
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    Nov 16 2012: Well to be equally frank, if you have such a negative view of the potential of Americans, I see you as just a self-righteous misanthrope on the sidelines glowing with your own intelligence and disdaining the ignorant hoards. Such as yourself will not be satisfied with anything.

    But if you truly want to open your mind and consider a beginning point (and I don't assert that I have the whole solution yet), you might examine and consider as a whole, and offer me good nature feedback on the following pages:

    In essence, I am saying that if we create a community building organizational structure, a forum, as it were, we might begin to empower the people better and plug them into their government jurisdictions more effectively. This movement must also be organic and good-will community building, not just strictly political, in order to correspond to a balanced view of human nature, if it will be effective.
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      Nov 16 2012: I insinuated nothing of the potential of American citizens, so your anger is misplaced. I have mentioned an instance where we, on the whole, have failed to rectify a situation that was objectively terrible, yet highly publicized, even though we were outright given the opportunity. The only reason that series of events could have unfolded like that is through a lack of engagement with our representatives; as such, I fail to see why you disagree with me when your first link reinforces that sentiment in its third point.
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        Nov 16 2012: My "angry" response above was in reference to TED Lover's words as follows:

        "Your suggestion that the moderate middle should mobilize is just as threatening to me as mobilization of the right or left wingnuts. The moderate middle are no more rational than the two extremes. Their views are just different but their core drive is the same.I'll repeat, "Americans have been TAUGHT to confuse emotions with thought, thus they are slaves to their fears." Few Americans have ever thought a rational thought."

        Although I don't consider myself so much angry as passionate about our American people's potential...
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          Nov 17 2012: Ah, thank you. Please disregard my previous statement.
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    Nov 16 2012: I don't think we are there yet. Remember how everyone was up in arms over SOPA a while back? Well, 21 out of 24 of its sponsors/supporters were re-elected this term. We have a long way to go.
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    Nov 15 2012: the US is populist for decades now. arguably a century. it is just getting a little worse every year.
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      Nov 15 2012: Indeed, America has always stood as the shining example of populist pride to the world. No other country has made so explicit its experimentation with the value of the common man, realizing that in this value rests the worth of all humanity.

      Give me your tired, your poor,
      Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
      The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
      Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
      I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

      What other country has historically called for such as these, and has managed, through the miracle of divine truth (of the value of man), to become so great? Yet what tragedy that some political partisans today seek to preach against this very thread of American exceptionalism, lambasting the fight for economic justice with the deceptive term "socialism!" Let us fight for economic justice as but the first step, as ambitious as it may be-- but yes, the first step-- to a new and enlightened world order based on the dignity of all humanity.

      Which condition, when realized, would set the foundation for a New Age based on the creative and heroic development of the very human race!
  • Nov 15 2012: roger this is a good point. It's happened before. We have so many bubbles and scams now Maybe that's always been true advertising and manipulation are so much better.