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Is the United States ripe for a new populist awakening?

The Tea Party, The Coffee Party, Occupy Wall Street: Our united states is evidencing (presently amorphous) populist convulsions--a seeming awakening of the people to the need to reclaim the reigns of democratic power. What might a mature populist awakening look like?


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    Nov 15 2012: To tell you the truth, I see the resurrection of genuine "we the people" American populism as my very life goal and destiny. If I'm to live and breathe in this world, why not aim to live big???
    • Nov 16 2012: The world is so big,with a huge variety of people and zillions of idea and you prefer to be stuck at the ancient concept of "Nationalism",who did brought nothing but paranoia between each other . Such idea(who refuse to be buried) can be quite dangerous,if its damage on diplomacy becomes big enough to justify a World War 3 .
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        Nov 16 2012: Nationalism would be a wrong way to conceive of what I'm saying. While I feel America is the right place to begin this POPULIST resurrection and purification, I also hold that it is the destiny of the whole world. Here is a quote from my concept website's homepage:

        "The great populist spring of discontent sweeping our world, from the Arab Spring to the economic strife in Europe, all have one underlying cause: the people are not sufficiently plugged in to the instruments of their leadership; the people are yearning for a more intimate relationship with their own destiny and direction. New American Spring recognizes America’s providential system of representative government as the very example necessary for the world to adopt in fulfillment of its yearnings, and in challenging Americans to live up to the spirit of their great government, we are challenging America to attain to its brightest leadership and global example to date—the populist crown exemplifying the very potential of man!"

        In other words, ALL THE WORLD has true populist yearnings.

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