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How do human needs affect digital innovation?

Dear Tedsters,

We have heard many talks on how the digital environment changes our culture and how humans are adapting to innovations.

Now, I would like to share with you a thought with you that I had, feel free to critique or build upon my thoughts if you think different or similar about this topic:

I believe that human needs are the driving force behind innovations in digital space, I believe humans needs effect our online behaviour more then digital our culture,
I believe we are looking at our digital life out of the wrong point of view.

Everyone seems to be talking about how digital innovations effect our lives. But at the end of the day, haven't we humans, created of all these digital technologies with our own minds. I therefore ask my self shouldn't human psychology and anthropology effect the technology much more then it us...

If so, Is it possible by analysing our needs to predict future innovation?

For Example: Facebook is connecting people all over the globe. What began as a phenomenon for students has spread to all ages, making Facebook a vast cyber-culture in itself.

The Facebook.com phenomenon has gained much popularity because it allows people to stay in contact, they communicate and become closer with each other, no matter how far appart they are.

Striping it down to the core, Facebook allows us to express a fundamental human need, which is being social. Communication is the foundation of every social group and a major pilar of human identity.

In conclusion this means by working backwards, our fundamental human need of being social, has led us to invent a digital tool or platform where humans can live out their social desire. This might also explains why it has been so successful: Maybe its because every human being has the same shared human needs. Its successful because it satisfies a need, not only a interest.

I would love to hear your thought this, do you know if there is prevouis work on this point of view out there?

Kind Regards.


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    Nov 15 2012: Digital Innovation does have pros and cons.
    1. As you mentioned the impact of Facebook towards socializing.Its does provide an advantage to people in get connected with new sections of people building relationships etc and getting in contact with people who have not been in contact since ages.
    2.Impact of e-commerce:It does provide an ease of purchasing online in regard of wasting time going out at a store and purchasing things which we can purchase online.It does provide us with comfort with all the advantages which a person would prefer while purchasing.E.g:Going through different varieties,payment option(online/offline),30 day trial etc.
    3.Ease of Information:Internet is a hub of information.we can get every information specific to any subject that we desire to obtain.
    and many more.
    1.Spending loads of time in using digital technology making us submerged in it.We may not be completely dependent on it but in a course of time we may be completely dependent on it which in the future may not be a good sign.They may be reasons for it.Health concerns may be one of the main reasons.

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