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Zero votes for Romney in many precincts

In 59 precincts in Philly and 9 precincts in Cleveland there was not a single vote for Romney.

In your opinion is that likely and should there be a audit of those votes to validate the results?

I have asked hard core dems and repubs about this and they find it hard to believe ...... what do you think.

This is not about parties but rather about voting procedures / irregularities.


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    Nov 15 2012: This

    A growing sex scandal is threatening to topple our intelligence and military communities, leaving tasty vacancies for Obama appointees while throwing a smokescreen over the successful terrorist attacks in Benghazi. Painfully obvious voter fraud is going uninvestigated (how did Obama get 140% of the vote in some areas, and Romney no votes at all?). Employers are firing people or cutting back their hours to avoid the punishing effects of Obamacare.


    • Nov 15 2012: You get >100% voter turnout in some places in Florida because Florida F-cks up every goddamn election. Only in Florida it takes two days longer to count the votes than in every other state and only in Florida turnout is measured as the number of ballot pages turned in, including the separate ballots meant for the congressional elections.

      Romney and Ryan know this and that's why they haven't protested the result of a single precinct.
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      Gail . 50+

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      Nov 15 2012: You misunderstand about the 140% number. In Florida, the number of "cards" cast were counted. There were 2 cards per voter. If you divide the number of cards CAST by the number of eligible voters then you'd get 141%. There was about a 70% eligible voter turnout.

      As to Ohio, voters who did not want to stand in lines that were 8 - 10 hours long could go to a polling station in a republican district where there were no lines, and cast a provisional ballot. These ballots are checked against voter registration rolls before being counted. Thus, for those tired of the voter suppression taking place in their own districts, they voted in another district, increasing the voter turnout to over 100%

      The sex scandal is not threatening to topple anything. That's just crazy.

      If Republicans really want to know why the State Department didn't provide better security, the house can hold hearings and ask. They have a majority. They have the power. Fox news is throwing up the smoke screen, not Obama. Why all the fuss when they can easily get the answers to their questions via a house hearing? The only reason I can see is that you are being intentionally manipulated by FOX news and your beloved Republican leaders.

      If you were to be assaulted with all that you want inflicted on those who are not like you, you would understand why 100% of people in districts where residents felt fear of the GOP - voted Obama. If it happened in Nebraska, you'd have my attention. Philly & Cleveland? No so. Gerrymandering has made it very possible.

      Amplifying the hate isn't helping. That's not how you or the GOP win friends and influence people. If there were a problem in voting irregularities, you can be sure that Romney/Ryan would be screaming big time.

      This is certainly not the first time that a candidate got zero votes. Just ask George W. Bush or John Kerry.

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