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Zero votes for Romney in many precincts

In 59 precincts in Philly and 9 precincts in Cleveland there was not a single vote for Romney.

In your opinion is that likely and should there be a audit of those votes to validate the results?

I have asked hard core dems and repubs about this and they find it hard to believe ...... what do you think.

This is not about parties but rather about voting procedures / irregularities.

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    Nov 15 2012: David Frum, a Bush speechwriter, wrote a small e-book after the election. It was titled, “Why Romney Lost – and what the GOP can do about it”

    Here are his conclusions:

    1. Historically, Romney should have won, given economic conditions.
    2. All polls show big majorities describing Republicans as favoring the wealthy over the middle class.
    3. All polls show that when asked which characteristics they most wanted to see in their president, Romney won among voters who chose three of those characteristics – shares my values, a strong leader, and has a vision for the future. But with a spread of 81-18, he lost with “Cares about people like me”. (In this election, “me” was women, blacks, hispanics, pan-asians, middle class, blue collar workers, non-Christians, and a host of other minority groups who felt threatened. It even included a big chunk of the military who didn’t vote, where swing states like Ohio & VA had a 70% decline in overseas military ballot applications. So yes, I can see many precincts not voting for the party that threatens their survival or freedom.)
    4. Tea Party has created a net loss for Republicans. Party purity drives have hurt Republicans.
    5. Republicans enjoy government subsidies, but want to deny them to those who are not "fiscal winners".
    6. This one I found most interesting: Media extremism in the conservative entertainment complex. (Fox News / Rush Limbaugh / etc.) Citing research that shows that Fox News viewers are less informed than other Americans, he shows how Republican supporters were profoundly misled about the nature of the challenges facing the country.

    You live in cocoon, my friend. In reviewing your profile, I can say that I don’t see you as an enemy, but you most certainly see most of us as yours.
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    Nov 14 2012: Hello Robert,
    I do not find it surprising that in certain areas Romney did not get votes. If voting results seem to be altered (that does not seem to be the case), there would be a valid reason for re-count, otherwise, it is a waste of money in my humble opinion.

    I do not agree that your concern is about procedures/irregularities rather than parties. I believe it is very much about parties, and this discussion seems to be another one started because of your displeasure with the election results.

    Things are changing Robert...thankfully....and we are witnessing the changes in many different parts of our country. Several states that previously were republican dominated, changed in this election. We are seeing more states becoming "purple", rather than red or blue. The state I live in, was always "republican" until the 1960s, when more people started evaluating the republican party and what it was beginning to stand for. I personally, used to lean more toward republican, although I always voted for the person rather than a party. I ran for the state legislature on the republican ticket years ago, and it was seeing the party from the inside, that TOTALLY changed my out look.

    Obama clearly supports women's rights and minority rights, and statistics show that Romney lost the election partly because he does not support the rights of all people, and lost a lot of minority and women's votes. If one is not "stuck" with a certain party, Obama's re-election is not a mystery at all. Again Robert, our world is changing, and if one is not part of the solution, one is part of the problem. People in our world are realizing this, and I am excited about the changes:>)
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    Gail .

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    Nov 14 2012: There is a study underway to see if voter backlash against voter repression was as meaningful as it appears to have been. Black churches united to defend their communities' right to vote by helping them endure the long lines that were created by things like reduced polling places in urban (Democrat) areas, decreased voting hours, false voter ID billboards, and even decreased font size intended to make voting take longer.

    Romney only held 27% of the Hispanic vote, which is WAY down from 2008. Because so many Hispanics support tougher immigration laws, Romney's anti-immigrant stance was not solely responsible for the precipitous decline. Perhaps by darkening his skin and slicking back his hair before appearing at a televised Latino function made him look like he was laughing at them. That was just as offensive as someone showing up in blackface at a black function. Voter suppression tactics is also strongly suspected for this decrease, as is the fact that Hispanic women were alarmed by the anti-abortionists.

    There was a LOT of door-to-door community activism in both black and Latino communities as a result of attempts at voter suppression that Republicans openly said were enacted to decrease the Democrat turnout. This could easily explain what happened in those districts.
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    Gail .

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    Nov 14 2012: I can't speak for Cleveland, but it is possible that 59 Philly precincts would be anti-Romney even if they aren't pro-Obama.

    In the words of Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, "There just aren't enough angry white men any more".

    You can't offer the people a message of hate and then get the people that you are hating to vote for you. It just doesn't work. It's amazing that Republicans thought it would.

    It's time for the racism, anti-woman, homophobia, anti-intellectualism, and theocracy to go away. The number of angry white straight Christian men goes down every year.
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    Nov 14 2012: This is from those fact-mongering zealots at Fox News, the Philadelphia Enquirer is mentioned:
    "On Monday, the Inquirer reported that in 59 of Philadelphia's "divisions" -- these are subsets of wards, wherein fewer than 1,000 people might be registered to vote -- GOP nominee Mitt Romney failed to win even a single vote. Collectively, the votes for Obama across these divisions added up to 19,605, to Romney's zero."
    Apparently there is precedent showing 98 to 99% for Barak Hussein Obama in inner-city, African-American districts. The pennsylvania state officials say they plan no investigation because of this precedent from 2008.
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    Nov 15 2012: This

    A growing sex scandal is threatening to topple our intelligence and military communities, leaving tasty vacancies for Obama appointees while throwing a smokescreen over the successful terrorist attacks in Benghazi. Painfully obvious voter fraud is going uninvestigated (how did Obama get 140% of the vote in some areas, and Romney no votes at all?). Employers are firing people or cutting back their hours to avoid the punishing effects of Obamacare.

    • Nov 15 2012: You get >100% voter turnout in some places in Florida because Florida F-cks up every goddamn election. Only in Florida it takes two days longer to count the votes than in every other state and only in Florida turnout is measured as the number of ballot pages turned in, including the separate ballots meant for the congressional elections.

      Romney and Ryan know this and that's why they haven't protested the result of a single precinct.
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      Gail .

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      Nov 15 2012: You misunderstand about the 140% number. In Florida, the number of "cards" cast were counted. There were 2 cards per voter. If you divide the number of cards CAST by the number of eligible voters then you'd get 141%. There was about a 70% eligible voter turnout.

      As to Ohio, voters who did not want to stand in lines that were 8 - 10 hours long could go to a polling station in a republican district where there were no lines, and cast a provisional ballot. These ballots are checked against voter registration rolls before being counted. Thus, for those tired of the voter suppression taking place in their own districts, they voted in another district, increasing the voter turnout to over 100%

      The sex scandal is not threatening to topple anything. That's just crazy.

      If Republicans really want to know why the State Department didn't provide better security, the house can hold hearings and ask. They have a majority. They have the power. Fox news is throwing up the smoke screen, not Obama. Why all the fuss when they can easily get the answers to their questions via a house hearing? The only reason I can see is that you are being intentionally manipulated by FOX news and your beloved Republican leaders.

      If you were to be assaulted with all that you want inflicted on those who are not like you, you would understand why 100% of people in districts where residents felt fear of the GOP - voted Obama. If it happened in Nebraska, you'd have my attention. Philly & Cleveland? No so. Gerrymandering has made it very possible.

      Amplifying the hate isn't helping. That's not how you or the GOP win friends and influence people. If there were a problem in voting irregularities, you can be sure that Romney/Ryan would be screaming big time.

      This is certainly not the first time that a candidate got zero votes. Just ask George W. Bush or John Kerry.
  • Nov 14 2012: "In your opinion is that likely"

    Yes, in certain urban districts it is: I mean, seriously, how many people do you expect to vote for Romney in a place like Compton (Straight Outta)? Do you really need me (a European) to ask you that?

    "should there be a audit of those votes to validate the results?"

    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan themselves don't seem to think so...
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    Nov 14 2012: HI Robert,
    I'm not a USA voter, but as an outsider I have observed these things:
    1. USA voluntary voting is prone to fads - people get swept into "fashionable" positions that tend to polarise results - only extremists are motivated to vote..
    2. The ubiquitous "gerrymander" is always being practiced while attention is elsewhere. I would regard it as a finely tuned art after all this time perfecting it - not surprising that it works so well in some cases.
    3. Following the presidential speeches and debates, I was left with a feeling that Romney did not want to win, Obama did not want to stay and their discourse was a finely balanced demonstration of maintaining appearances .. I think Obama had fun torturing Romney with that - pushing him on issues where Romney had clear dominance, then watching him artfully drop the ball .. it was hillarious..
  • Nov 14 2012: It is hard to believe, but a lot may depend on the number of people in that precinct.

    I think comparing it to previous election results may be more telling of the apparent phenomena.

    It would also be interesting to see how many precincts did not have a single vote for Obama.
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      Nov 14 2012: Your right I will try to answer those questions.
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      Nov 14 2012: Robert, In the 2008 elections for Cuyoga, OH I reviewed all precencts. Only precenct 0145 Brook Park 03 A recorded a zero. That percenct had 3 registered voters zero people voted.

      The makeup of percencts in OH are somewhat strange. The vote records are also strange as precencts with zero voters eligable had a few hundred vote.

      Anyway the district was 85% democratic and 15% republician. This seems consistant. We had a better balance than that in Arizona and the democrats sued for redistricting.

      If the Clevland and Philly areas are this much out of balance should it be redrawn? History does show that these areas are predominately democratic but not to this degree.

      I have no indicators that Obama recieved zero votes anywhere. But to be fair I will continue to look.

      Your argument was valid and appreciated. Bob.