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Our New World Order

I propose that our world has reached the point of being able to transcend the capitalist verses the communist, the entrepreneurial verses the socialist debate. I say we can do this if we seize upon one of the most central insights about our nature as human beings--that we are creative and noble creatures, in essence.

What if our paradigm for "success" is transformed from material accumulation for the individual or private interest to creative contribution to all humanity? Is this possible? Are we there yet?

You may respond to this idea generally, considering only its proposition in these three short paragraphs, or you may check out its more nuanced presentation at my Facebook pager here:



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  • Nov 19 2012: Mr. Long:
    "The current world order is the product of the human heart. Greed, malice, envy, strife, corruption, selfishness, ignorance, apathy, etc. etc."
    This is absolute nonsense and wrong, IMHO.
    Then you claim, "Changed hearts come only from the maker of hearts who is God."
    Well, according to you He already made them and he made them evil. This makes no sense to me at all.
    Apparently there is no one on this earth who has love in their heart, a lack of greed, who stay away from envy, who are not corrupt, selfish, ignorant (ignorant of their own evil, yours, or so ignorant that they are not in reality, greedy, malicious, corrupt, selfish, apathetic, etc., etc. because they are completely unaware of anything?
    You go on to say, "Our myriad problems will not be solved by awakening some innate nobility lying dormant within us."

    Of course they will be, because that nobility is within us. THAT is how we were created (if we were created at all).
    That is the essence of the human being, the human heart, the human spirit, psyche and being.
    It will be done by people, people who are alive and living in whatever times they are alive and living!
    It won't be done by you. You will only judge it seems.

    You are a very intelligent person I believe. Educated, learned, knowledgeable, smart. Much more than I for sure.
    But to so easily and cavilerally condemn the human being, their hearts and lives cancels all that you seem to know, to me at least. Sorry.

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