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Our New World Order

I propose that our world has reached the point of being able to transcend the capitalist verses the communist, the entrepreneurial verses the socialist debate. I say we can do this if we seize upon one of the most central insights about our nature as human beings--that we are creative and noble creatures, in essence.

What if our paradigm for "success" is transformed from material accumulation for the individual or private interest to creative contribution to all humanity? Is this possible? Are we there yet?

You may respond to this idea generally, considering only its proposition in these three short paragraphs, or you may check out its more nuanced presentation at my Facebook pager here:



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    Nov 18 2012: Hi Roger,

    Great Idea!

    We have been able to transcend from capitalism et al for some time, but it has not happened - and the underlying question is why not?

    Interestingly, we are soon approaching a time (less than 50 years, so within one lifetime now I expect), that unless we 'transcend' we are very likely to come very unstuck as a race.

    Cameron's ideas are just there to get him and his party re-elected, within our political system (UK), even he can do practically nothing to really change the course of politics, economics or culture (and he quite frankly has been very poor at even at the simple bits that he can influence). Ask yourself when was the last time politics made a real fundamental change to our way of life in the UK, (answer: introduction of NHS in 1949).

    The answer to the question of why we have not transcended, and why we will find it extremely difficult to do so is 'Nature's Survival Function' it is quite simple, but we do not take it into account. I am not a pessimist, but we need to understand what we face and the size of the problem if we are to have any chance of doing it before Nature does it for us.

    see: The Human Contradiction
    New Political Systems
    The Tweet Revolution
    Childish Economics

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