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Our New World Order

I propose that our world has reached the point of being able to transcend the capitalist verses the communist, the entrepreneurial verses the socialist debate. I say we can do this if we seize upon one of the most central insights about our nature as human beings--that we are creative and noble creatures, in essence.

What if our paradigm for "success" is transformed from material accumulation for the individual or private interest to creative contribution to all humanity? Is this possible? Are we there yet?

You may respond to this idea generally, considering only its proposition in these three short paragraphs, or you may check out its more nuanced presentation at my Facebook pager here:

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    Nov 14 2012: The current world order is the product of the human heart. Greed, malice, envy, strife, corruption, selfishness, ignorance, apathy, etc. etc. The blueprint for a new world order must include turning people's hearts from evil to good. Consider the implications of mankind being genuinely motivated by love; joy; peace; patient endurance; gentleness; goodness; and faith. Our myriad problems will not be solved by awakening some innate nobility lying dormant within us. Nor will we find deliverance in organized religion. Those are what got us here. The problem is spiritual, not natural. The solution must be other than some natural, biological ability. Mankind must seek God while he can be found. Changed hearts come only from the maker of hearts who is God. Time is running out. Thank you!
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      Nov 14 2012: There IS an underlying spiritual philosophy behind this concept of a new world order. Basically, it is posited on the spiritual reality of mankind's Triune nature, as Creative, Communal, and Joyful. The creative aspect has been traditionally expressed in materialistic innovation driven by capitalism; the communal has been expressed by mankind's stubborn socialistic aspirations. The joyful--well, in the various ways people have found exuberance and celebration of life.

      What I am getting at here is a holistic treatment of our spiritual natures, so that we can regain balance and harmony.
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        Nov 14 2012: Thank you. It was not clear that your idea includes something beyond humanism. Again, best wishes in changing mankind's current collision course. No surrender!
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    Nov 14 2012: I agree with Edward Long, laws can not change human hearts (if it could, crimes, racism and sexism would have ended); what is needed is attitudinal change. Which is a function of change from the heart.
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      Nov 15 2012: I feel that the human survival instinct trumps everything else. Once survival is in question, the human being regresses to whatever behavior is necessary to secure it. Therefore if we remove our more primitive social systems posited around the need for survival which might entail competition with our fellow human beings, the more nobler aspects of our nature will be freed up. And we are potentially a very noble race indeed...
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    Gail .

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    Nov 14 2012: I believe that we may still attain a new world order in our lifetime. Unbridled optimism? Maybe. But there is growing evidence for my view.

    There is a spontaneously developing movement towards awareness that we noble creatures are the creators of our own realities. Many of us use specific methods to manifest our desires into our realities. This makes us invulnerable to the machinations of others. I don't know when we will reach the tipping point, but there are already enough to keep the ideal alive no matter what happens to the bulk of the human population.

    Part of the worldview that empowers us is the awareness that we are one being and that the separation that you see between us is an illusion. It is a view that is supported by quantum mechanics and even more recent studies into the nauture of "mind". The people who have discovered how POWERFUL they are individually are a gentle people who do not fear lack, thus they do not need to rape and pillage the earth or others through mindless consumption or otherwise.

    As an aside, you misuse the word "capitalism" in your essay. The USA is not capitalist because government subsidizes businesses in so many ways.
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      Nov 14 2012: I actually also hold that all human being are mystically connected into one. Here is an excerpt from my Facebook:

      To understand how we are images of our Creator, we must understand His Trinitarian nature. God is Father, Son, and Spirit--three persons in one inseparable and single Nature. Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One (Deuteronomy 6:4). Then God said, Let us make man in Our own image (Genesis 1:26). So how can many persons yet be one?

      This is the great destiny of our human race. To be, like God, a multitude of persons in one nature. God has for us such a seamless and wonderful unity forged in Love, that we are indeed to be as immutable as He.
  • Nov 19 2012: Mr. Long:
    "The current world order is the product of the human heart. Greed, malice, envy, strife, corruption, selfishness, ignorance, apathy, etc. etc."
    This is absolute nonsense and wrong, IMHO.
    Then you claim, "Changed hearts come only from the maker of hearts who is God."
    Well, according to you He already made them and he made them evil. This makes no sense to me at all.
    Apparently there is no one on this earth who has love in their heart, a lack of greed, who stay away from envy, who are not corrupt, selfish, ignorant (ignorant of their own evil, yours, or so ignorant that they are not in reality, greedy, malicious, corrupt, selfish, apathetic, etc., etc. because they are completely unaware of anything?
    You go on to say, "Our myriad problems will not be solved by awakening some innate nobility lying dormant within us."

    Of course they will be, because that nobility is within us. THAT is how we were created (if we were created at all).
    That is the essence of the human being, the human heart, the human spirit, psyche and being.
    It will be done by people, people who are alive and living in whatever times they are alive and living!
    It won't be done by you. You will only judge it seems.

    You are a very intelligent person I believe. Educated, learned, knowledgeable, smart. Much more than I for sure.
    But to so easily and cavilerally condemn the human being, their hearts and lives cancels all that you seem to know, to me at least. Sorry.
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    Nov 18 2012: Hi Roger,

    Great Idea!

    We have been able to transcend from capitalism et al for some time, but it has not happened - and the underlying question is why not?

    Interestingly, we are soon approaching a time (less than 50 years, so within one lifetime now I expect), that unless we 'transcend' we are very likely to come very unstuck as a race.

    Cameron's ideas are just there to get him and his party re-elected, within our political system (UK), even he can do practically nothing to really change the course of politics, economics or culture (and he quite frankly has been very poor at even at the simple bits that he can influence). Ask yourself when was the last time politics made a real fundamental change to our way of life in the UK, (answer: introduction of NHS in 1949).

    The answer to the question of why we have not transcended, and why we will find it extremely difficult to do so is 'Nature's Survival Function' it is quite simple, but we do not take it into account. I am not a pessimist, but we need to understand what we face and the size of the problem if we are to have any chance of doing it before Nature does it for us.

    see: The Human Contradiction
    New Political Systems
    The Tweet Revolution
    Childish Economics
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    Nov 18 2012: The main problem with creativity is in who gets the credit. Anyone who invents or improves an idea within a company or corporation, the company or corporation has full rights to any patents and the person developing the change sees little to no benefit. This is counterproductive to innovation. The company CEO and the investors take all the booty while you still struggle to manage your affairs. All the while, the person who does little to succeed in the company gets all the same wage benefits that you do. Eventually, you say what the Fu@& am I doing this for and you shut down.

    I was in the navy. I learned as much as I could. When I found myself doing preventative maintenance while my comrades were out on liberty, I realized that I had shot myself in the foot. They were getting the same pay as me, but I was doing more of the work. When they asked me if I wanted to re-enlist, I was cordial in how I said "take this job and shove it". Fortunately my knowledge paid off, but only because I had the patience and foresight to see past the present condition. Not all people have that luxury. It's a growing problem, and it isn't going away anytime soon under the present conditions.

    According to an article in "Air and Space" magazine, the reason that the United States won the space race wasn't because we were better. It is because the Russian engineers who were responsible for setting the Russians ahead were not given credit for their contribution. They stopped cooperating for lack of recognition and resolved to just do their job. Forget the 110% that they were doing before. That problem is growing fast in this country.
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      Nov 18 2012: In both the American and Russian cases you cite, the problem was the same-- lack of proper heroic acknowledgment. In the corporate case, due to proprietary restrictions and private ownership in a capitalist system. In the Russian case, due to lack of proper individual credit given. But this is all the more reason why a proper heroic cultural structure is important. Much productivity can flow from the people, if their culture offered them a proper heroic system of acknowledging their human creative nature and if their culture guaranteed them the opportunity to produce without fear of survival, thus honoring their noble natures.
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        Nov 18 2012: You have the right answer, but that is a lot of IFs. How do we get the bean counters to buy into it when personal gain is the only motive? There are people who would destroy the earth just to get their own way.

        I think it requires a return to spirituality. People have to see past their own selfish motives.
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          Nov 18 2012: True indeed. This is why I feel it is a process which must start with a re-invigoration of our youth. Check out the youth arm of my New American Spring concept. Here, I am attempting to reform our youth into heroic warriors, transforming our very society into this human heroic paradigm through generations:

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        Nov 18 2012: I looked at your web site. It appears that you want to reunite people with political involvement and not just remain in the sidelines. When people disconnect, they take what is handed to them but don't have any say in what is handed to them by their own choice of not getting involved.

        I wrote a book that attempts to bridge the gap between science and religion. I found the controversy between the two counterproductive to spiritual development. Although science has brought great strides in helping us to understand the world, it has disconnected us from the spiritual domain that unites us as one in the cosmic rhythm that brought us all into this world. Religion itself helped to create this disconnect by establishing doctrines that are based on fear, steeped in misconceptions that lead us away from, rather than closer to the source of creation. By exposing the misconceptions, I attempt to bring the reader to an awareness where spiritual experience can re-ignite our sense of wonder about our place in the cosmos. this was my contribution based on a lifelong research into the nature of religion and why it is failing us. The people who have read it claim that it makes you think. You may find it useful in helping youth find hope in a world that seems to be falling apart. The name of the book is "The Merging of Two Worlds". You can review it on my website;
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    Nov 16 2012: Well, I think we already realize we're creative, noble creatures. The disagreements come over how we should organize ourselves to use our creativity, for example, communists think we will use our creativity best under communism, capitalists under capitalism, etc. Funny enough, both systems have been successful here and there. China has been successful as a communist country, America as a capitalist country. So really, why do we need to debate?
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      Nov 20 2012: You can't say China has been successful as a communist country until you have freedom of speech and basic liberties. Otherwise, the people will not be able to truly respond to their reality. I saw a recent report, for example, of how the new Chinese president's family is doing their best to hide their true INCOME-- purported to be much higher than what they should be entitled to under the communist system.

      As long as our world remain locked in its SURVIVALIST mentality, there will always be greed and wealth inequality and states of worldly affairs unhealthy to the true well being of the people.

      I'd rather say that Communism and Capitalism has BOTH failed. Because our human dignity calls for a basic right to the world's resources for all, and a liberal interpretation of human creativity and meaningful productivity.
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        Nov 20 2012: Well, I've not spent any time in China, Roger, so I don't know if the people have freedom of speech and basic liberties. our media suggest that they don't, but i take what the media say with a grain of salt--the most powerful thing is to see for yourself. But it seems possible to me that what a chinese person would consider freedom of speech and basic liberties might be different from what you or I, Americans, would. For a Chinese person, they may believe they have sufficient freedom of speech or sufficient basic liberties, or, like i say, what those things mean there might be different than here. For example, don't chinese people really value etiquette and propriety? So they might be more careful about freedom of speech than we would.

        When I said that china is a successful country, i meant the country continues, it's not wracked by major protests, its citizens are not starving in the streets. If the people were terribly unhappy i believe they would rise up. therefore i conclude they are somewhat happy.

        well, if the chinese president has amassed great income, i don't know that that would mean communism has failed, it could be one corrupt individual. sooner or later corrupt individuals get found out.
  • Nov 14 2012: Generally, I agree with your notion of where we are heading, but I do not think we are there yet.

    We evolved to be selfish and put our own family before other families and put our own tribe before other tribes.
    It will be many years before we develop a global culture that we are all one family.
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      Nov 14 2012: I strongly feel that our selfishness is rather the consequence of what I understand to be out SURVIVALIST world environment, at the moment. We have to work hard to eek out a living, and resources are scarce, so we polarize. But this is why I feel technological critical mass is necessary for us to step out of this old survivalist mode into our true potential of a noble human family based on material provision for all, and creative exuberance for the glory of our noble race...
  • Nov 14 2012: Or else is this a return to traditional values - Perhaps as demonstrated in the Highlands of New Guin...
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      Nov 14 2012: I wouldn't be surprised if elements of this new world order vision has been expressed, as it were, piecemeal, on the world stage before. This would only be natural in that human nature is human nature. What I am proposing here is a comprehensive and right return to our full and balanced nature, as only our present world environment can afford due to technological critical mass, which frees us from the drudgery of material survival--as long as we can escape the old selfish nature derived from our survivalist past...