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Idea: Stacking carpool lanes

I have heard of stacking freeways as an idea to help relieve traffic. What if we stack only the carpool lane? This would alleviate darkening out the entire lower section of the freeway, but only the carpool lane. Also, maybe there could be a way to pre-manufacture sections of the decked freeway offsite so that it would decrease the length of freeway closures.

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  • Nov 18 2012: Stacking freeways may alleviate traffic for a period of time until more businesses and homes are built around the new structure and there is twice as many people to drive on the road. I think that if the issue with the exits needing to be elevated and timed with the lower level could be solved it would be am interesting experiment. There has to be a way to solve the problem of the lower level being dark. The median of the upper level could have pockets of a thick clear material allowing light to shine on the bottom level. But if the top level was dark would that really be such a problem. We drive at night and if someone didn't want the dark, such as an elderly person or new driver, they could drive on top. No one likes traffic, and if this may solve the problem, even just for some time I believe it is worth the try. Or at least further exploration of the idea.

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