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Who is George Soros and what are his accomplishments and philosophy ?

I want to know how he fits into the world community and I am curious as to how many people have heard of him ?

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    Nov 15 2012: He has been described as the most evil man in the world. He thinks nothing of breaking countries economically to his monitary benefit. It is said that he wants a one world government and himself installed as king. He is a major influence in the American Democratic Party, major donor, and frequent White House visitor.

    His claim to fame is the man who broke the bank of England. Many believe that he is the master mind and controls Obama. I do not know that is true however by his frequent visits he is certainly a influence.

    There are many article about him and also many articles about him and Obama.

    Type in George Soros and you will find many articles to opt from.

    This is probally one of those things you should research and make up your own mind about. Articles tend to either be all for or all against so read two or three to get a flavor.

    Good luck. Bob
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    Nov 13 2012: Fritzie...Since you use "him" I wonder if we talking about the same person. Maybe I did not make myself clear but I was speaking of the Koch Brothers.
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      Nov 13 2012: Hi, Helen. Mine was a reply to your question about George Soros. I was not replying to your reply to TED Lover about the Koch brothers.

      Had I been replying to your reply to TED Lover, my comment would have appeared under that reply and indented there.

      I have now looked him up and have found that he is an extremely wealthy hedge fund guy who donates a large amount of money to Democrats. He does seem to get interviewed and quoted, so figuring out his expressed views should be easy.
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        Nov 13 2012: Sorry, Fritzie....I must have misread your post...thought it was from somebody else lik Ted Lover. Yah.....I never heard of Soros until his name came up in the election process. I would just like to know what he is about.
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          Nov 13 2012: Do look at wikipedia, where you will find a long article. I only skimmed that article, but he seems to be interested in market disequilibria, or the states between market equilibrium conditions. He also seems to hold a philosophical view that anything he believes he knows may be wrong and therefore should be subject to continuous re-examination.

          He is something like the 15th richest man in the world and puts significant amounts of money into democratic electoral politics, among other areas, I am sure. He also takes interest in foreign policy.
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    Nov 13 2012: I don't think I had heard of him, though I sometimes remember ideas without remembering whose ideas they were.

    Are you saying you are interested in him and are having trouble finding reliable sources of material about him?
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    Nov 13 2012: Jedrek......Anybody can join Ted and be most welcome to join Ted. I don't feel that I am talking behind his back as he can view my posts anytime...Come again
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    Nov 13 2012: Ted Lover.....I have to do some research on the Koch brothers. I don't know why but I never heard of them. Thanks for sharing
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    Nov 13 2012: Hi Pat....I read this and I read that....I have yet to come across anything productive to the common good of society. I just wondered why his name never came up during the recent elections or otherwise.
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    Nov 13 2012: Soros made his money by shorting currencies and earned the title the man who broke the Bank of England and other countries. He is a frequent visitor to the White House since Obama took office. I would not be surprised if he is the puppet master behind the current demise of the country. I have seen an interview of him where the only rational conclusion would be that he is a sociopath based on his childhood with the Nazis.
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    Gail .

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    Nov 13 2012: He's a wealthy progressive liberal. He's the opposite of the Koch brothers who are wealthy progressive conservatives.
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    Nov 13 2012: I have heard of him of course, but since he's still alive I think that talking behind his back could be impolite. Maybe we could invite him to the discussion, then we can talk :)