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How do we have a happier, just, ecologically sustainable society? How do we stop materialism and corporate greed?



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  • Nov 14 2012: Create your own happiness by taking pleasure in spending your time doing things that promote a just economically sustainable society. Take responsibility for your own actions and be pro-active in your support of those working for causes you think to be just. Take pleasure in doing things that promote your own personal independence. Become more self-reliant by doing as much for yourself as possible before resorting to pay someone else to do something for you. Find wealth in doing services for others that are less fortunate than yourself. If you invest your money, make 'how' profits are earned more important than 'How much return". Teach your children the importance of character. Show them good character by example. Identify the value of things that can not be bought. Identify the difference between corporate decisions made towards making a reasonable profit, and decisions made that produced profits as a result of malicious, speculative or unjust corporate behavior. Reward the former, punish the latter. Support companies and corporate decisions that are indicative of the company giving back to the environment, the community, or all of its workforce.
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      Nov 16 2012: Well said Robert,
      It must start with each and every one of us as individuals. We cannot "stop" something that we continue to participate in. We cannot change something "out there" that we are unwilling to change in ourselves. As individuals, we need to walk the talk.

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