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How do we have a happier, just, ecologically sustainable society? How do we stop materialism and corporate greed?



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  • Nov 13 2012: Jesus Gerald!
    You should avail yourself of one of those psychiatrists who works to undo the brainwashing done to them by
    cults. Can't remember what they are called. Your comment, to me, indicates you believe things simply by being told them in various ways over and over and over again until they are familiar and just seem right. They have a nice sound byte ring to them, and sound bytes are another sign of brainwashing.

    Get rid of the reasons for materialism which is only a taught, embedded fear of not having enough (your needs met) to survive and live happily. Greed is fear of not having enough, by not getting what you need or losing what you have.

    Both, or all of it, comes from, and because of, a monetary system which is inherently and manipulated to be unjust and can never be made just, so it has to be done away with and a just system put into its place.

    A monetary system has at least seven needs in order to survive.
    Greed, crime, inequality, poverty, slavery, war and death are seven needs of a monetary system.
    Are they your needs or could there be seven other needs that would be the same for every single human on earth that don't involve the first seven I listed? I hope so.

    What other needs we have involve things that should not be owned by anyone because they are here on the planet for everyone. For everyone's needs are the same in some ways that bind us rather than separate us. I'm for coming together, but not through war.

    You have to begin speaking and thinking in this way in order to really be able to finally envision a better way, that includes everyone, otherwise you will simply reject virtually everything out of hand.
    Why is collateral starvation okay? Why is collateral poverty okay? Why is collateral slavery okay? Why is any of it tolerable for one minute? Yet, many will consider someone sexually abused and make the claim, "that is 100% unacceptable," but 20,000 children, 5 and under, collaterally die each day, and that is somehow tolerable.

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