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How do we have a happier, just, ecologically sustainable society? How do we stop materialism and corporate greed?


  • Nov 14 2012: Create your own happiness by taking pleasure in spending your time doing things that promote a just economically sustainable society. Take responsibility for your own actions and be pro-active in your support of those working for causes you think to be just. Take pleasure in doing things that promote your own personal independence. Become more self-reliant by doing as much for yourself as possible before resorting to pay someone else to do something for you. Find wealth in doing services for others that are less fortunate than yourself. If you invest your money, make 'how' profits are earned more important than 'How much return". Teach your children the importance of character. Show them good character by example. Identify the value of things that can not be bought. Identify the difference between corporate decisions made towards making a reasonable profit, and decisions made that produced profits as a result of malicious, speculative or unjust corporate behavior. Reward the former, punish the latter. Support companies and corporate decisions that are indicative of the company giving back to the environment, the community, or all of its workforce.
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      Nov 16 2012: Well said Robert,
      It must start with each and every one of us as individuals. We cannot "stop" something that we continue to participate in. We cannot change something "out there" that we are unwilling to change in ourselves. As individuals, we need to walk the talk.
  • Nov 13 2012: Start with the man/woman in the mirror
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      Nov 16 2012: YES, YES, YES:>)

      How do I have a happier, just, ecologically sustainable society? How do I stop materialism and corporate greed IN MY OWN LIFE EXPERIENCE. Sometimes, people are so busy looking "out there" and complaining about situations in our world, they/we forget to look in ourselves to see how we might, as individuals, contribute to change.
  • Nov 13 2012: Jesus Gerald!
    You should avail yourself of one of those psychiatrists who works to undo the brainwashing done to them by
    cults. Can't remember what they are called. Your comment, to me, indicates you believe things simply by being told them in various ways over and over and over again until they are familiar and just seem right. They have a nice sound byte ring to them, and sound bytes are another sign of brainwashing.

    Get rid of the reasons for materialism which is only a taught, embedded fear of not having enough (your needs met) to survive and live happily. Greed is fear of not having enough, by not getting what you need or losing what you have.

    Both, or all of it, comes from, and because of, a monetary system which is inherently and manipulated to be unjust and can never be made just, so it has to be done away with and a just system put into its place.

    A monetary system has at least seven needs in order to survive.
    Greed, crime, inequality, poverty, slavery, war and death are seven needs of a monetary system.
    Are they your needs or could there be seven other needs that would be the same for every single human on earth that don't involve the first seven I listed? I hope so.

    What other needs we have involve things that should not be owned by anyone because they are here on the planet for everyone. For everyone's needs are the same in some ways that bind us rather than separate us. I'm for coming together, but not through war.

    You have to begin speaking and thinking in this way in order to really be able to finally envision a better way, that includes everyone, otherwise you will simply reject virtually everything out of hand.
    Why is collateral starvation okay? Why is collateral poverty okay? Why is collateral slavery okay? Why is any of it tolerable for one minute? Yet, many will consider someone sexually abused and make the claim, "that is 100% unacceptable," but 20,000 children, 5 and under, collaterally die each day, and that is somehow tolerable.
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    Nov 16 2012: I believe:
    If we quit the harmful silly INVALID happiness, we can easily have a happier, just, ecologically sustainable society and stop materialism and corporate greed.

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      Nov 16 2012: Dear W. Ying,
      Since you ask....I do not think/feel that you are "wrong". and I think I understand your message. It does feel, however that you are pushing your idea of "INVALID happiness" to the point of feeling like "spam" on the TED sites. I am aware that you have certain criteria for what is valid or invalid in a person's life. We cannot judge for another person what is "valid happiness" or "invalid happiness". There are some very good talks on TED addressing happiness....what that is and how to achieve it. It might be helpful for you to incorporate your idea with some well established ideas regarding happiness.
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    Nov 13 2012: If we really desire it, we will pursue it.
    But we've spent too much time thinking that greed is good. It would take hard work and a change of our value system.
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    Gail .

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    Nov 13 2012: Humankind is capable of achieving it. Humankind is not willing to walk in that direction. The vast body of humankind stands strongly in support of a money-based (scarcity-based) economic system. This creates a systemic imbalance (inequality). But, largely thanks to despotic indoctrination systems called "education" alongside religions - both of which teach individuals how to NOT think, people cannot envision the simplicity of the fix.

    It has been said that it is not our smallness and vulnerability we fear the most. It is our greatness and powerfulness that terrifies us into submission. I agree wholeheartedly with this.

    When humans take the time to learn about WHAT a human being is and HOW humans work, we can then use our innate powers to provide for ourselves and our neighbors and withdraw from the money system that cripples us. (Seeing as it is very likely that our entire economic system will collapse in short order, it would serve us well to begin learning about how to use our power to our advantage. Waiting until after the collapse is rather foolhardy.)

    There is a direct & proven link between wealth disparity and all of our social ills. The more money one has, the less one is willing to give away. Fiscal inequality creates social inequality and social inequality creates a host of social ills.

    Our culture addresses those social ills by creating institutions that exist to support the economic model that cause the social ills in the first place. (Schools that do not educate, justice systems that are unjust, and political systems that harm those that should be represented - to name only a few).

    When people know what emotions are and how powerful thoughts are, we can accomplish anything. But for as long as mainstream culture views humanity as vulnerable, powerless beings, we will create cultures that seem to prove to us that we are powerless & vulnerable.

    Solution? 1 person at a time. Save yourself first by learning about your power. Be a mirror
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    Nov 13 2012: But isn't materialism and corporate greed the only drive towards our ever happier and ever more sustainable society?
    • Nov 18 2012: It can't be, can it?
      I hope not!
      (Maybe it really is just the liberals convincing us to be jealous of others' wealth & privilege?)(Or is it the incessant subliminal advertizing on the already-mezmerizing television fed by the unlimited neo-doller funding abilities of the Fed?)
      Was there a change from when "more & better arrows" meant survival that winter to "more and better cars" mean that we spend less time with our family?
      Is it just in "how" we use this stuff?
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    Nov 13 2012: Your question assumes that materialism is bad and corporations are greedy, and I object to both assumptions.
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    Nov 13 2012: Love is the only way I know.