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Debate: Do abstinence until marriage programs work?

Ok studies shown from the link below prove that the program is not only ineffective but unethical, and causes poor health.

Point One there was sex before there was marriage.

Second sex until marriage will not stop people from having martial issues or divorce. Ex a friend of mine has a step mom who took abstinence and got married she stayed with him for years and quit because she was really unhappy.

Third an final point is though research comparing Europian culture and ours it shows that forcing abstinence on our youth without actual sex education, not only pyschology damage and conflict with parents, but forces kids to learn about sex from their peers.

There's a documentary about it called "Let's talk About Sex."

Just type into goggle "let's talk about sex documentary" or look below




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    Nov 19 2012: No program works without the full support of those participating. If we were to believe some posts here they are only getting pregnet in red states and that is because of religion. Therefore it is much better to move to a blue state and dump your religion in order to save your daughter. I can see the next campaign stickers Vote Democrat Say NO to Sex and Religion. That would certainly reduce the birth rate.

    As a Independent I think that any party that tells me to not have sex and dump religion does not really want to win.

    I wonder if there are stats that show rates by ethnicity, by religious preference, and the one we all are holding our breath for "Are you red or blue" inquiring minds want to know, etc .... or if we just have to take someones word for it.

    I think that the bottom line rests in the family. Many families today are raising latch key children without family ties and questionable ethics. Another cause could be that both parents work in todays homes unlioke the 50's when Beaver Cleavers mom was home and cooking 24/7.

    There are a lot of generalizations thrown out here. But the only truth that has been spoke is that MY grandkids are cuter than yours.

    All the best. Bob.

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