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Debate: Do abstinence until marriage programs work?

Ok studies shown from the link below prove that the program is not only ineffective but unethical, and causes poor health.

Point One there was sex before there was marriage.

Second sex until marriage will not stop people from having martial issues or divorce. Ex a friend of mine has a step mom who took abstinence and got married she stayed with him for years and quit because she was really unhappy.

Third an final point is though research comparing Europian culture and ours it shows that forcing abstinence on our youth without actual sex education, not only pyschology damage and conflict with parents, but forces kids to learn about sex from their peers.

There's a documentary about it called "Let's talk About Sex."

Just type into goggle "let's talk about sex documentary" or look below




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  • Nov 13 2012: Whenever any human is put under the thumb of another, they begin the struggle to break free.
    Humans have fought this fight since they learned they had opposable thumbs.

    Too many generations I personally know about, children left home not because they were looking forward to their life but they had to get away from the people who were making them crazy, i.e. their parents.
    Mental illness is now beginning at the age of 11 in America, possibly, lower now. Parents are causing it.
    Moral teaching has been more of an evil than anything else.
    Sex is not a moral issue.
    Sex, doesn't have a moral nature that is inherent, essential and intrinsic.
    The moral nature in life, is how we treat one another, not what the subject is!
    Yes, there are problems with many things in life and teaching and learning how to handle them is important, but there has been way too much false moral teaching done that is only akin to brainwashing and not for the good of anyone.
    Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders stated masturbation should be taught as natural and common, and used. She said, "we've tried ignorance for a 1,000 years, maybe we should try education." She also said she thought abstinence is itself a form of child abuse.
    She was forced from her job by the insane moral majority in America. George Bush, lied to u.s. all and went to war along with helping to destroy our economy and make us more hated around the world, and he wasn't fired!!!
    She told the truth. He lied. Tells you a lot about how Americans worship lies. Maybe, George should have masturbated first and we wouldn't be in this mess.

    There is nothing wrong with abstinence. There is nothing wrong with learning how to control oneself, urges, desires and so on. There is something wrong with brainwashing, teaching false, shameful morals and lying. Making a choice is not making the choice that someone else has embedded in you.

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