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Are you a beliver in Nate Silver

In the last two elections Nate Silver has been right on target. Gallop Polls which have been the standard for years came in behind IPSOS, google, and way behind Silver.

This year Silver and his magic formula predicted every out come with one error a Senate seat in North Dakota.

To view the future of polling read his book "The Signal and the Noise".

What do you think the significance of Silvers polls are in the future of elections?

What will this mean to Gallop and Harris and the other old guards?

How could this effect the primaries and even the nomination selections?


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    Nov 15 2012: Nate Silver predicted that the Mike Trout of the Angels would win the American League Rookie of the year over the triple crown winner Miguel Cabrera and he was right. Who would of thunk that? This is getting serious forget politics we are talking baseball.
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      Nov 16 2012: Quick write him and get a fix on the Cubs.

      This is the year.


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