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Filings from 15 states to secede from the United states

Folks from 15 states have filed petitions to secede from the United States and one person from North Dakota has filed for New York state to secede. Petitions required 25,000 signatures and are then forwarded to the President for consideration.

I would hope that this is mostly symbolic but it does show that there are some hard feelings about the direction the US has taken.

One of the questions involved with the petitions is that if you signed it will you be on a federal watch list as a subversive. Certainly a valid question. Time will tell.

Another question is, this is a pretty strong hint that not everyone is happy ... will the message be heard?

What do you think of this jesture.


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    Nov 16 2012: The biggest problem is some nutcase thinks they can secede because their "candidate" didn't win the election???.
    What is that the ultimate hissy fit from a load of cashed up business types who think they could of influenced the Government because they threw a large amount of cash to the campaign.
    If a state secedes itself from the State or USA or Union or whatever you call it, why should that State expect any hands out from the Government it has seceded from??

    Your on your own chum, you did not want to be part of the country like the rest of us so You lose your federal funding and benefits and yes your citizenship as well. Oh also don't expect disaster relief when a Tornado rips through your State or Floods or Hurricanes like Sandy and Katrina. Better ask yourself can you support yourselves????? Can you provide a decent education for children??? Can you support your poor and retired, How do you pay for Veterans pensions can you provide your people with decent health care????

    I'm gathering the answer is no Why is it some people never grow up and make it all about them not the people they represent???
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      Nov 16 2012: Morgan, As a Independent I cannot answer for those who filed. It is my opinion that this is symbolic. The message that "I think" they maybe sending is that they are not happy about the direction that the US is heading, the economy, the job market, etc ...

      If that is true then the message is as much to Congress as it is to the Administration to get their stuff into one pair of pantyhose, put on their big boy pants, and get with the recovery.

      I have been wrong before (priors) so this may not be true. Just a guess.

      Thanks for the reply. Bob.

      By the way what is the structure in the picture logo by your name?
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        Nov 16 2012: I'm not mad about a lot of the policies made my Politicians either but I'm not going to throw a hissy fit and say I'm seceding.

        These people are luckier than in a lot in other countries, if they don't like the way the country is being run they are free to leave until maybe a Government they like is voted in.

        The other thing it comes down to, is, it just that they are not happy with the direction or are there more underlying factions with racial, left wing political views or something more sinister ??

        To quote your own President Abraham Lincoln "You can't please all the people all the time"

        Symbolic or not it is still basically a temper tantrum thrown by a group or even individuals who sit there and they claim how much they love their country but are happy to put in a petition to secede because things are not going the way they would wish it to.
        They should remember that the only reason they can do it in the first place is because of the First Amendment "Freedom of speech"

        Hissy Fit and double standards.

        Oh and the picture is the Chateau de' Chenonceau in the Loire Valley it was known for "the Ladies of the Manor" Catherine Medici Joan of Arc Henry II mistress Dianne De Poitiers expanded the Chateau to span the river,.
        • Nov 17 2012: I do not throw "hissy fits" either.

          In USA poitics, it is a routine means of getting attention.

          It seems to work; it caught our attention.

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