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Filings from 15 states to secede from the United states

Folks from 15 states have filed petitions to secede from the United States and one person from North Dakota has filed for New York state to secede. Petitions required 25,000 signatures and are then forwarded to the President for consideration.

I would hope that this is mostly symbolic but it does show that there are some hard feelings about the direction the US has taken.

One of the questions involved with the petitions is that if you signed it will you be on a federal watch list as a subversive. Certainly a valid question. Time will tell.

Another question is, this is a pretty strong hint that not everyone is happy ... will the message be heard?

What do you think of this jesture.


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    Nov 15 2012: As of Nov. 15 the remaining 35 states have joined the club of secession preppers. Governors say it will not happen, but, still, it is indicative of considerable discontent don't you think? More than just sour grapes. In response Barak Hussein is going all Lincolnesque on us:
    "W.H. Petition Calls for Stripping Citizenship Of Anyone Signing Secession Petition A White House petition gathering force calls for citizenship to be stripped and exile for anyone who signs a petition in favor of a state's secession."-- Weekly Standard
    • Evan S

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      Nov 15 2012: The petition that "Calls for Stripping Citizenship" is not a Presidential response. It is a petition, just like the petitions for secession.

      On a side note, why do you include Hussein when refering to Barak Obama?
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        Nov 15 2012: The source I read said it was a "White House" response and Barak Hussein Obama is responsible for everything that transpires in the current administration, aka "The White House". I use his middle name because the only reason we have middle names is so we will know when we are in trouble. I do not know of anyone who is in more trouble than Barak Hussein Obama! Were you concerned when the press called the previous president "W"? That is his middle name. Is there something about the name Hussein you find disturbing?
        • Evan S

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          Nov 15 2012: The Weekly Standard article that you quote above ambiguously calls it “a White House petition” but goes on to clarify that “more signatures are needed for the issue to be addressed by the White House”.

          I questioned the usage because I usually see it from people trying to highlight his different heritage in an attempt to stir up fear people may have about differences. I’ve found your responses to rise above that kind of pettiness so I thought I’d see if there was another reason, and there was. The “W” was used to distinguish between the two Bushes and not in the divisive way Hussein has been used.

          Now, whether the President is responsible for everything that happens is another can of worms altogether.
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        Nov 15 2012: I find it insensitive to consider a person's name to be somehow divisive. America is the definition of a diverse society and we are becoming more enlightened as time goes by. Heck, we have female CEO's and a President with an Islamic name, if not with Islamic heritage (I don't know for sure). I hope you agree about the sole purpose of middle names. BIG, BIG trouble to accompany the Hope and Change. I can just hear the Senate Investigative Chairperson saying, "Barak Hussein Obama, you get over here this instant!!"
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          Nov 16 2012: I think the middle name only works if that persons grandmother is saying it :P

          You have to admit that it's rather tedious to say "Barak Hussein Obama" when "Obama" or even "O" would suffice. :D
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      Nov 15 2012: On the web the WH stripping petition has many references ... It could not be snoped however. It would appear that David H. from Escondido, CA maybe the designer of this petition. That cannot be confirmed either.

      The problem I have is that this is a real possibility and that I could not dismiss it as rumor and took the time to see if it was real. That in itself is a shame. That I have lost that much faith in the federal government to think that this is possible speaks for itself.

      Further that 35 states now are involved in the petition is a sign that the union is again divided. In the 2008 election we were told that this is a great decision and that Obamas election would serve as the great uniter .... that opinion may need further consideration.

      Thanks for the reply. Bob.
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        Nov 15 2012: More bad news. It's not 35 states, it's 35 MORE states which added to the original 15 brings the number to 50. That I got from the yellow dog journalists at FOX News. If all states secede that will leave lonely little Washington D.C. all alone. This iceberg is big enough to have several tips.
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        Nov 15 2012: This is my source for the White House petition to deport anyone who signs a secession petition.
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          Nov 15 2012: Looks like it's a petition TO the white house, started by some random guy. That article cites the actual petition, so I don't know why it seems to dance around that point.
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          Nov 16 2012: @ Kitty Hawk RE: "I think the middle name . . . "(Sorry to steal your reply button Mr. Steiner and thanks for the actual petition).Ms. Hawk, Why so much pushback on using a man's full name? Is it because his name is Islamic? All three of his names are Islamic so if that's offensive to some we need a code name for the POTUS. Also, B.O. would work too in place of Barak Hussein Obama. Also, I'm sure I remember my Mother using the three-name summons on me many times. Grandma never would. Oh well we have bigger fish to fry.
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          Nov 17 2012: Push-back?
          Meh, you're probably right about bigger fish...
          I must say I that I prefer "Mr." though!

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