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Filings from 15 states to secede from the United states

Folks from 15 states have filed petitions to secede from the United States and one person from North Dakota has filed for New York state to secede. Petitions required 25,000 signatures and are then forwarded to the President for consideration.

I would hope that this is mostly symbolic but it does show that there are some hard feelings about the direction the US has taken.

One of the questions involved with the petitions is that if you signed it will you be on a federal watch list as a subversive. Certainly a valid question. Time will tell.

Another question is, this is a pretty strong hint that not everyone is happy ... will the message be heard?

What do you think of this jesture.


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  • Nov 15 2012: Most of my comments on ted.com are more than likely frivolous, foolish and not worthy of any input or comments.
    But, comment I shall.

    I do think the statement, "..... if you signed it will you be on a federal watch list as a subversive. Certainly a valid question,".......is anything but a valid question.
    A valid question or perhaps more of a comment should be, "How dare they or anyone else make a list of whom they determine will be falsely labeled, so-called subversives." And, be allowed to get away with it.

    It is a direct slap in the faces of all American'ts , that they are the ones who will be labeled as such by those who have been steadily taking away all their freedoms as they termite the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
    I am amazed at how easily the acceptance of such action by those who are supposed to work for the people, represent the people and do the people's bidding, is just allowed to go by, as though it isn't important. It is the only thing.

    As the U.S. government works to destroy the internet, because it is a powerful tool for and of freedom (the sole reason they do so), there are those who work solely to find new ways, means, methods and places to dodge, outrun, hide, slip by, aid anonymity and safe-guard privacy. Things once upon a time, done by the Constitution.

    They also don't focus on stopping what is being done as they/you/all of u.s, will run out of time, places, dodges, anonymity and rights. That's what voters are supposed to do but voting doesn't work, just as your politicians do not work for you. You are the enemy and you are not in reality, an enemy.
    Wanting to secede is trying one of the last places to run to to stop or escape what is happening in your country and you continually focus on the wrong things.
    Any of you aware of Putin's attempt to make virtually anyone into a traitor?

    For those in the Police States, check:
    Keep laughing

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