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The next Secretary of State

So far the names of John Kerry, Susan Rice, and Jon Huntsman have been mentioned to replace Clinton.

"Swift Boat" Kerry has been endorsed by Russia and as a anti war activist would bring much baggage .. a personal favorite of Obama.

Susan Rice UN Ambassador. Much tension between her and Clinton. Some think she was set up for the Face the Nation interview on Benghazi to ruin her career. She followed many of the administrations appoligitic dogma and was later enbarressed by the fallout. Congressional approval could be a problem.

Jon Huntsman Republician Ambassador to China, Utah Governor, presidential candidate, and mormon. At 52 could make another run at President for Republicians. Hard to sell to Democratic Senate.

Our current trade with Russia is 9 billion a year and could double if the US decides to drop the Jackson - Vanik Act, the Magnitsky Act, and disregard the ties to Syria and Iran. With these obsticles removed Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) could be established since Russia joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2009. This is a one way deal, we export and there is no import. This would help balance trade a good economic move.

I tried hard to present each on the facts and intend for this to be a get involved, know your leadership, and voice your opinion conversation.

Please verify all the above and discuss who would be best for America and why.

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    Nov 11 2012: How about you? Are you busy? Or how about Condoleeza Rice (no relation). Seriously, thank you for the information and your effort to keep it unbiased. Are you anticipating Hillary getting a pink slip? Or is she going to quit and begin her campaign to return to the White House in '16? One other thing, why are we wooing Russia? Are we slow learners or what?
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      Nov 11 2012: About a year ago Hillary said that win or lose in 2013 she was leaving politics. It has been said that the Clinton's eat, drink, and sleep politics and that they were the most political of all residents of the White House. Many believe that she is going to be the 2016 Democrat and this is all a ploy. The polls shows that if she had ran this year she would have carried 58% of Iowa. Dems do not think that Biden will be a strong runner and have not groomed anyone in particular. Julian Castro, mayor of San Antinio, was a speaker and on the platform with Obama but many feel he was used for the Latin vote and not a serious player or rising star. That would leave Michael Bloomberg, NYC Mayor, who left the Democratic Party in 2001, left the Republician party in Nov 2012, and is currently a Independent. I am not sure that either party will reward his loyality or should I say lack of.

      Russia jumped in with a ringing endorsement of Kerry and stated they wish to do business and would work with Kerry closely. The dangle of the trade pact with the Russians is a economic plum that Obama is in favor of. Relations with Syria and Iran and the Jackson-Vanik/Magnitsky acts are other factors. Jackson-Vanik was in response to the Russian Diploma Tax levied on Jews that wanted to Imigrate. Magnitsky was in response to human rights and the death of Magnitsky in prison for investigating USSR ties with the Russian mafia. 60 Russians were baned from travel around the EU, Canada, and the US and their assets frozen for human rights violations.

      Little things like morals, ethics, or Human Rights will not stop the train. We do business with many countries that consider women property and others that have no value on human life. Heck we do not honor our own Constitution so why concern ourselves with other countries actions? Yep we are slow learners .. If we learn at all.

      Thanks for the reply. Bob.
    • Nov 11 2012: "Or is she going to quit and begin her campaign to return to the White House in '16?"

      She said all those years in American politics have worn her down, we must not forget that she'll be 69 years old at the time of the 2016 election and she doesn't have a younger spouse to support her. America has already had a president who was senile while in office in his late 70s and on another occasion would have been just one heart attack of a man in his 70s away from a Sarah Palin presidency if one election had gone differently. So enough with the dinosaur presidents already...
  • Nov 10 2012: All three would be acceptable choices.