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Where do thoughts come from?

Where do thoughts come from?
A thought active connections in the brain or vice versa?
If I control my thoughts, do I control my brain connections?
Consciously I do not control my brain... Are my thoughts random emanating of pure subconscious?
Do I really control my thoughts?

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      Nov 22 2012: I agree with you again dear Kate...imagine that!!! Nice to connect with you again:>)

      Thoughts do indeed come and go, and I agree that we can give our thoughts the energy to rule us by focusing on them....or not. What we focus on expands...and that indeed may become our reality. Some folks apparently do not want to control, direct and guide their own thoughts, and that is always a choice each of us has in any given moment.

      I also agree with you Kate...."some very wise words on this thread and some....."! It really feels like some folks like to make this question SO complicated, when, in my perception, it is very simple. It has been proven that we can control, direct and guide our thoughts, so I don't understand the debate about that.

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