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Where do thoughts come from?

Where do thoughts come from?
A thought active connections in the brain or vice versa?
If I control my thoughts, do I control my brain connections?
Consciously I do not control my brain... Are my thoughts random emanating of pure subconscious?
Do I really control my thoughts?

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    Nov 20 2012: Thoughts are one of the creation by you through your brains. We are born to perform some action.
    Action is only performed when you want to be but this depends on your thought. Still one question, are we control this thing.
    There is two thing that contradict each other concept of "God and science". In the concept of god , "We are responsible for everything whatever we performing" and we don't print your thoughts on Canvas , so we sometime not control this. Another approach different scientific research say every thought create some specific process in your mind and we will paint on canvas. If they prove this thing 100% we are just going to another dilemma . "Are we worth for this world " bcoz my thoughts should be changed.
    Lastly I want to say i am controlling my thought and this is also my creation whatever this is "Bad or Good".

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