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Where do thoughts come from?

Where do thoughts come from?
A thought active connections in the brain or vice versa?
If I control my thoughts, do I control my brain connections?
Consciously I do not control my brain... Are my thoughts random emanating of pure subconscious?
Do I really control my thoughts?

Topics: mind philosophy

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  • Nov 11 2012: just click on Gita part two


    and then feel the answer to "where are you between two thoughts?" that is the "where"
    • Nov 14 2012: Hi, Ed !
      Someone said that 99% of time we think we are thinking we are listening.
      Maybe that 1% of no thinking is the place where our thoughts come from.
      • Nov 15 2012: Hi nn !!!!! Trusting You and your are Well!!!

        now if the TED moderator doesn't smack me down for this one :-) As for what this "someone" is referring to ....it may be valid ....But at what level of consciousness is that statement based??? That never comes to the surface at TED so lets cut to the point that True "listening" has absolutely nothing to do with "thinking"....and here I mean the traditional "thinking ego" which exists as a resonance 450 and below ...above 450 exists the ability to "listen" without the free of losing one's own confidence in "who I AM beyond name and form"

        and so may I suggest that the realization of the "I AM" turns the "someone" said ....to...as the Sufi say "Universe turned In side out" and our Real thought ...our "creative potential" ....come from the "99%" of what "Ego thinking" is not???
        • Nov 16 2012: Thanks, Ed !!!
          Thanks, TED moderator ! :)
          "Ego thinking ' is listening to/participating in collective ego thinking ; that's what we do on daily basis for millennia and i guess it's what all the stuff is made of. Maybe 'someone' who i quoted addressed to that mid-frequency mental/waking ordinary human consciousness. Yes, i think True "listening" has absolutely nothing to do with "thinking"..because it has nothing to do with ego.
          But what is going on now is really very interesting and maybe takes place for the first time in the recorded history : through 'ego thinking'/science we've come up with the idea that ' ego' alongside with all complexity it generates is not real.
          The slayer and the slayed are one.

          Enjoy your weekend , meanwhile :) !

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