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Where do thoughts come from?

Where do thoughts come from?
A thought active connections in the brain or vice versa?
If I control my thoughts, do I control my brain connections?
Consciously I do not control my brain... Are my thoughts random emanating of pure subconscious?
Do I really control my thoughts?

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  • Nov 11 2012: We live in two worlds at the same time. In fact we live in one but are only conscious of the other. What I'm trying to say is that spirit gives life to matter, if there is no spirit in matter it is dead.

    That means there is a spiritual world and a natural or material world. Our mind is on a different level 'above' the brain which is the receiver of the body.

    Our body has eyes, our mind has thoughts. We can control our thoughts very much like we control our eyes. We can aim our eyes, focus or shift them, decide that we like what we are looking at, or close them.
    We can also focus our thoughts, change them, dwell on them decide (from a higher level) if we like them or change our thinking entirely.

    This book explains what I see as a spiritual reality,
    What is around our body is (usually) decided by us based on what we like.
    What is around our mind is determined by what we love. Our love attracts good/bad spirits and possibly angels. They make thoughts pop-up without us asking for them.

    When someone hypnotizes us, he/she communicates with one or more of those spirits. Not with us, and this has given rise to the assumption there is reincarnation. But the communication is by-passing us and connects with those that have lived here so many years ago.
    I really want to emphasize that we are not our body, but that we are our mind or spirit.

    Personally I find the medium John Edward a great help in discovering how this communication actually works. He has his own website and I love it.

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