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What would a society where Science (as a concept) was promoted with as much intensity as most advertisements look like?

After wandering down the busy streets of central London, I came across the thought of how different things would be if unlikely members of society were to work together...

If a digital media expert, a leading Scientist (possibly Neil Degrasse Tyson or Richard Dawkins) and an advertisement specialist were to sketch out an idea of how to promote Science to the World, as an accessible thing, promoting natural inquisitiveness etc. I think some really positive things would come from it.

If this were to come true, do you think it would help the way people see Science? I have a fear that the majority feel it is a dull and grey subject.

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    Nov 10 2012: The amazing series "Through the Wormhole" is exciting, but it is not broadcast on basic cable. Questions that researchers are asking cannot help but make people think and inspire our young people, but if you can't afford the higher-level channels, you can't get it (except on YouTube - if you even know about it).

    In the USA, I think this might be because of the Christians. I've seen warnings from Christians calling out the alarm, announcing in all caps, WARNING: MORGAN FREEMAN IS NOT A CHRISTIAN! (Morgan Freeman is the host and he is a black man. Racism is very much alive in the USA (she says with her cheeks red from shame) and the USA has become a despotic Christian theocracy.
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      Nov 10 2012: Ahh yes, I have seen a few episodes of "Through the Wormhole." I stumbled across it on youtube, so when there is a will to see something there is a way. The Ascent of Man AND Cosmos are both fully on youtube so it is a more than respectful method of acquiring knowledge!

      I am a militant atheist (as Richard Dawkins put it) and the racist behaviour from violent theists is really quite frustrating when they are trying to bring education to the masses. Which side would you rather follow? The one that encourages learning and questioning or the one that encourages mass ignorance. It is sad to see this being the case. No need to blush, USA isn't the only place where ignorance exists.

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