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Will it ever be "politically" correct to suggest that there may be inate differences between the "hardwiring" of the male and female brain?

We see a profound difference between the level of excellence in chess between men and women. Is this an inate difference or a learned difference? In many Eastern European countries women were strongly encouraged to participate in chess, yet the strongest women were about two tiers below the strongest men. Even today only one woman, Hungarian Judit Polgar, cracked the top 10.

The same can be said about the highest levels of physics and math. If this is simply described as a fact, then the "perpetrator" is apt to be called sexist for stating a simple fact. Women excel in other areas but the question here is it acceptable to talk about inate differences between men and women without rancor? What are the differences? How much is nature and how much is nurture? Or is this just a politically incorrect topic not worthy of discussion?


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  • Nov 13 2012: I don't know why.
    It is clear we are all identical, even though some of us look different from one another, think differently, perceive things in different ways and like different things.
    We vary in size, shape and many other biological features but we are pretty much identical.
    Really, it's hard to see where we are not identical, I know, but let's continue to be P.C.'d
    P.C. is so refreshing, so freeing, so enlightening. Let's not go for the truth.

    Jimmy the Greek was fired for saying on the air that black athletes were bred and because of it have muscles more suited to the kinds of sports in which they excel and dominate. This was 1988.

    Dr. Harry Edwards of Berkeley, black, supported that firing. It only took him about 16 years to finally admit that it wasn't a racist statement at all and that is was entirely true, as a result of slave breeding. This was commonly known.

    Say it. Whatever you wish to say. At the very least we need to continue to do so in order to maintain the concept of Free Speech, which is being eroded and destroyed and to shake one another up from time to time.

    Remember John Rocker? A jerk to be sure, but there were attempts to have him reprogrammed and to have his ability to work and support himself taken away simply because he stated what he saw on the N.Y. subway his first time on it. To some degree, his observations were accurate though they were very insensitive and it appears over time that he may be a racist, but he answered a question honestly.

    We need to protect that.

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