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What would your ideal government system look like?

What would your ideal government system look like? Is a two party system such a good idea?


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  • Nov 25 2012: I think an ideal gouvernement would be √† goverment wich understands THE cause of THE curerent global crisis and works on connection beween all THE countries in THE word without taking advantage of eachothers situation.A goverment wich works for THE benefit of society and welbeing for all people by providing them all basic needs like food, shelter,√©ducation,healthprogram.Instead of power and money they could use their qualities in √† very positieve way and help THE word towards peace and mutual garantee.
    • Dec 5 2012: It's a really nice idea, just like the Anarchy, but maybe even a little bit better.

      I see some similarities between those two ideas. Like, Anarchy requires that people living in community are all just perfect: caring, wise, compassionate .... so, our idea just requires the same perfect people, but instead of all community being perfect you just need those perfect people in government.

      Yeah, just your utopian system have the same problem like Anarchy. From where the hell will you get those perfect people? Surly you need much less of them but still... from where will you get them?
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        Tao P 50+

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        Dec 5 2012: Treat a person as well as you know they can become and they will reach their potential.
      • Dec 8 2012: As you know in this word perfect people dont excist, since we all are born with an egoistic nature.
        But WE see that we dont get to solutions when governments of all the countries just think about how their connections with other countries can benefit just their own people and maybe worse : just their own high society. Im not talking about anarchy but about changing our mindset in the first place.Like in whole of nature we can only survive if we garantee the wellbeing of the whole system.Whole of nature is altruistic although to us people it not seems like that.How we ever be happy if we just exploid others while they are suffering?

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