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What would your ideal government system look like?

What would your ideal government system look like? Is a two party system such a good idea?


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  • Nov 16 2012: : I'm not sure what would an ideal government system look like in my country.
    Sometimes too many theories or idealism are not helpful at all (as we can't help but face the reality).

    And ironically, as for 'ideal government system', being realistic about my government and my country should also be the part of reasons why this or that would look like an ideal government, I suspect.

    Btw, few questions here.

    Do you think a government should be morally neutral? If so, to what extent should it be neutral?

    And should it--the fact that a government is morally neutral--be one of the aspects of an ideal government system?
    • Nov 16 2012: What would you define as morally neutral? Do you mean to the people or to other countries?
      • Nov 17 2012: Okay, let me clarify my question.
        By morally neutral I mean not embracing any particular moral duties or obligations such as religious convictions--as to abortions, human cloning etc. So, a government respects its citizens' free-choices by not intervening except for specific cases in which some infringe on others' rights.

        P.S. btw, IMO, as to other countries, it's a bit difficult for a government to be impartially neutral all the time as its prioity would be promoting national interest.
        • Nov 21 2012: Well I think every government has a moral obligation to protect the people that make up the country that they govern. Especially protect them from other people, for example free speech is good, but hate speech would not be tolerated. Also I am starting to think that once people start becoming consciously aware about what the government is doing. The people might want some changes.
        • Dec 5 2012: It's impossible to me morally neutral for a government. You bring the wrong question.

          Remember the legend of Spartans killing the newborns which were 'not looking too good'? And now think about the abortion, in US it's legal. Untill what point you can kill a new created man is a question of when it's morally OK to kill.

          III Reich was morally neutral in some aspects. There came out with a law that alowes you to make an abortion on mentally ill patients of asylums. And there did make those abortions.

          In Soviet Russia - in times of the greatest purges and times of sending enormous numbers of people into gulags - the government schools taught children it's ok to inform the authorities about wrong actions and thoughts of there parents and close family.

          Beside II WW and Ancient history.
          France around the time of the revolution. It was ok to give your newborn children to government orphanage run in the country in terrible conditions. You should get the picture from story of Oliver Twist and Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (Perfume: The Story of a Murderer)

          Fresh thing. It's not OK to kill you Muslim daughter in Europe just because of .. well it does not matter that the cause. It's forbidden and you will be punished for it.

          I could give a few more, but I think you get my point of view.

          It's a government obligation to enforce some minimum morally princeliness, just like when it's ok to kill?

          Try asking the other question.

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