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What would your ideal government system look like?

What would your ideal government system look like? Is a two party system such a good idea?


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  • Nov 15 2012: There is no clear evidence of what has been the ideal Governing system across the world but truly two party system is a better deal rather than a multi-party system. I belong to a country where there is a diversity in every aspect after every 200 miles.There are different people speaking different languages , wearing different kind of attire, eating different food and hence their thoughts do differ. And likewise they have different and varied sense of belonging which also translates into their economic stature .This economic vividness allows people to open up their businesses, their firms and also their own party in their region. At one point of time ,there might be just two parties and now they have broken up into 10 parties. Those 10 parties will have their leaders, top ranks, chiefs, party offices, head of the party offices, etc . This kind of portfolios gives people extra power and that too without accountability and hence leads to corruption, violence, wrong command over people.
    Imagine 10 parties are trying to rule in a single state. These people have different motto, different agendas, and then in the race to derive the majority, these people generally use unfair practices like crime and corruption. So legally as well as socially they end up in traumatizing the society and majorly to the weaker sections of the society. I have myself seen party workers forcing people of their houses to go and vote in Assam, India between heavy rains. The party workers even took 90+ age people in their vehicles to use their vote. In a democracy, ideally, everyone should vote for sure but what happens after this is unfortunate. None of the party worker would turn back to know how is that old person of 90+ years of age is doing ? This can happen in two party system too but there would be centralized power handling party workers unlike in multi-party system. Two party system should be transparent enough to handle the issues at the ground level and should hear their party workers
    • Nov 16 2012: Your first statement is disagreeable. With a two party system you only have two choices in the end, what if one is just as bad as the other? Here in Canada we have a multi-party system and it seems to work just fine, some would even say better than the two party system.

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