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How can America wean itself from fossil fuels when fossil fuels are so cheap?

America is supposedly the leader of the free world. What was the primary message during the presidential campaign? Energy independence, not the environment. We will continue to sacrifice our legacy, our natural resources that might better be left to subsequent generations rather than accept higher energy costs now that renewables, until now, can't supply economically (at least not without a carbon tax).

As long as our politicians can make campaign promises based on the cost of a gallon of gas, don't expect any negative news about the environment to make headlines.

While President Obama extols the virtue of clean natural gas, I live in rural Schoharie County which is ripe for fracking for natural gas. Never mind that it is a bucolic, pastoral part of nature. It has vast reservers of natural gas so, following President Obama's desire, it will soon be an industrial park and all the tourists who used to come here for our natural beauty will go elsewhere.

When you look at the cost of natural gas in America, it is about the fifth the cost of natural gas in Europe. Guess what? America is going to become the World's leader in natural gas exports. The "good" news is that natural gas has only half the carbon foot print of coal (we have billions of tons of coal to export to Asia---and there has been a massive ad blitz promoting "clean" coal).

Unless there is someone like a Randall Mills who can make low-energy nuclear reactions economic, fossil fuels are our albatross.


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  • Nov 20 2012: As for solar, build costs in energy used, are even worse than dollar costs, and should be reserved for window glass edges, where it can be piped in as if by fiber optic.

    Instead, you build with nanotower/nanohole carbon, over a graphene base. This gives you a full spectrum collection panel, from IR, all the way up to UV, and even gamma rays, with minimal fabrication costs.

    You can make these with window screen, copper foil, and a spray gun.
    Take a sheet of copper foil, and bond a piece of graphene sheet onto it.
    Now lay that sheet over the screen, and spray hard enough to punch holes in it. Now do it again on the other sheet. Take both sheets, graphene down, and sandwich, with holes offset. Spray graphite, or even carbon soot thru the holes, so they stick to bottom sheet. Raise top sheet a mil, and do it again. and again.

    Now the towers will cause all incoming radiation to "rattle" and ricochet around til the slow down enough to fall into the holes.

    Cheaper than the glass to protect them, or you can mix in epoxy and silk screen em on, and just redo it after hailstorms.

    Now, look at the build cost, energy cost, life expectancy and even danger of wind, and let it go.
    Nothing other than the standing stalks is worth the enviro costs.
    Most of the big tower farms are already broken, and out of service, and most are only a decade old !
      • Nov 27 2012: cant watch videos, on a 27kbs connection.

        Know the story tho, and there is another guy in prison in Cuba , and another actually missing, with a reward for helping to find him.

        It doesn't matter now.

        Know that Goede from Brillouin has published, the chain reaction (sic) is on.
        Synthesizing nuetrons out of the quantum foam really focuses on how wrong the QCD theory of the particle zoo is.

        There has been one guy every 10 years that points out that a nuetron HAS to be an interference pattern between electrons and protons, and they have always been laughed out of the arena.

        Was looking for the latest paper from the guy from India, but it's not showing up in arVix.


        try the Lenr/Canr archive site

        these guys are all stil stuck on a Dueterium reaction, related to the old cold fusion exp of Fleishman, but he didn't understand the reaction either.

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