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How can America wean itself from fossil fuels when fossil fuels are so cheap?

America is supposedly the leader of the free world. What was the primary message during the presidential campaign? Energy independence, not the environment. We will continue to sacrifice our legacy, our natural resources that might better be left to subsequent generations rather than accept higher energy costs now that renewables, until now, can't supply economically (at least not without a carbon tax).

As long as our politicians can make campaign promises based on the cost of a gallon of gas, don't expect any negative news about the environment to make headlines.

While President Obama extols the virtue of clean natural gas, I live in rural Schoharie County which is ripe for fracking for natural gas. Never mind that it is a bucolic, pastoral part of nature. It has vast reservers of natural gas so, following President Obama's desire, it will soon be an industrial park and all the tourists who used to come here for our natural beauty will go elsewhere.

When you look at the cost of natural gas in America, it is about the fifth the cost of natural gas in Europe. Guess what? America is going to become the World's leader in natural gas exports. The "good" news is that natural gas has only half the carbon foot print of coal (we have billions of tons of coal to export to Asia---and there has been a massive ad blitz promoting "clean" coal).

Unless there is someone like a Randall Mills who can make low-energy nuclear reactions economic, fossil fuels are our albatross.


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  • Nov 20 2012: A DC graphene grid would actually be built in large rings. You want rings to balance out the energy density on the grid, and to give you a place to dump in huge voltages, available from the currently dangerous induction from solar flux.

    Building this new ring grid also gives you a new infrastructure path. The beauty of this, is that if you make it with a pipe filled with water, and graphene sheet, you also get a superconducting ring for high speed rail, and superconducting storage ring, for storing any unused power, in case a ring has to be disconnected from the rest of the "grid".

    Since it is superconducting, you can even put up lightning rods on hilltops, and drop all that energy directly onto the grid without damaging it, while harvesting it.

    Graphene sheet can be cheaply made by laminating graphite directly onto poly sheet, for easy handling, with common metal rollers. It has been shown in multiple sci papers that graphene itself will self assemble at the exact distance neccessary for it to work as a storage battery. Just add water.

    We need to put the country to work, and the folks that can't do 3D cad for 3D printing, need to have a job too.

    Some of the folks can do the little family gas stations again, based on the methane "natural gas" economy, but there is a real danger of allowing the oil companies to run a harvesting operation on the seafloor methane hydrates, as can be seen by the foolhardy way they are fracking.

    Look up "methane gun' and russian methane hydrate if you think CO2 is a hazard. You have been sheepled into letting corporations control you and increase your debt to them in another way. What needs to happen immediately is cutting soot, ethylene, ammonia, methyl bromide, and CFC replacement emissions, then we can work on CO2 last.




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