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Debate: Do vaccines work or are they just another money making tool in a trillion dollar industry?

There is much debate regarding vaccination; imposing on an individual's rights, questionable proof as to their effectiveness, and possible links to neurological diseases like epilepsy and autism.

Vaccines act like a type of homoeopathic remedy in the sense that the 'bug' is introduced into the body so that the autoimmune system may produce anti-bodies to protect against the 'bug'.

But, as far as I can tell, the germ theory was debated in early 1900's and disproved in the 1950's, therefore voiding all need for fighting 'bugs'.

So do vaccines actually work? What proof is there? Or is it more for big profit for big pharma?

I am open to all sides of the story!


Closing Statement from Roberto Sciffo

Thank you all for your contributions. It was a great learning experience, and I am sorry to have missed the last day of commenting due to work. I would have enjoyed commenting on you all individually.

We have heard both sides of the story. Pro-vaccination are happy because it provides safety to us and our children, and the statistics that indicate the effectiveness of the vaccine, and Stephan's comments as to how they work.

We are faced however with a 'small' number of people who have had their children come about with symptoms of reduced development progress through to epilepsy and autism.

We have also wondered whether so many vaccines so soon in life a a great idea, considering the fact that the aluminum levels exceed the 'allowed' amount.

The fact that the heavy metals are toxic and are known to promote dis-ease in the body, is something that I can not stress the importance of enough.

The World Health Organization noted as early as 1974 that heavy metal and chemical toxicity were at the cause of most chronic degenerative diseases.

I appreciate Linda Taylor for her research into what I have stated, and her challenges, will add:
1) the mean size of the zeolites are 0.3 microns therefore able to pass into the blood stream.
2) if you are to perform a detox, it needs to be done in stages so as to make it safe. Little of this information is available online.
3) the study you quote done on zeolites, please send me the link to the study as I would like to investigate it and see what the company has to say. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
4) You quote ' Rock that absorb toxins especially ammonia, might be of value' - Zeolites as well as chlorella have been
use since the 80's I believe, in waste water treatment plants for that very reason, both performing as far as I can tell, equally well at about 50% removal. Both are being used as detox mediums as well.

Thank you all and I hope we have all learned a great deal from this debate. Wishing us all the best!

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    Nov 10 2012: Thank you Linda. I would put it to the human body doing what it knows to do. And this is the question that I am trying to make.. how to return health to the individual. And I am not convinced that vaccines do this. They may in part for a particular virus, but the consequence is that they seem to hinder the immune system.

    Another household fact - 100% of household in the US have elevated levels of chlorine in the air. Chlorine is a carcinogen and is what we use to disinfect our water. As it aerates from the tap source it becomes airborne and we inhale it. The question is do you create a drug to counter the chlorine or use copper to disinfect the water?
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      Nov 10 2012: "100% of household in the US have elevated levels of chlorine in the air. Chlorine is a carcinogen and is what we use to disinfect our water. " I would like to see the source of that statement. But I do believe it is close as I use chlorine products to disinfect my kitchen and bathroom. It works against all types of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Don't think you can say that about copper.

      But you Mr. Anti-Heavy Metal should rethink the whole copper idea:
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        Nov 13 2012: Dear Linda,

        Good point! In the abstract it states:
        1) ' And it involves only developed countries that use copper plumbing.' Does that mean the study concerned those countries?
        2) The epidemic is associated with the use of copper plumbing, and the taking of copper in multi-mineral supplements - again coper plumbing and I agree that some multi-mineral suppliments are dangerous as they isolate the formula of the 'vitamin' or 'mineral' and expect it to work. I don't think the body is made to work that way..

        An excess of anything can be toxic. International standards for copper in potable water are 1-2ppm depending on country or state.

        Practically all viruses and bacteria (including those that chlorine can not kill) are unable to survive beyond 0.3ppm.

        lake Marathonas in Greece, since 2007 has been using copper to disinfect it's water. It serves 5 million Athenians.

        There are so many safe uses for copper. It has been used for millennia.

        I guess it becomes a question of form and concentration. Copper is an essential trace element in plants and animals, but not some microorganisms. The human body contains copper at a level of about 1.4 to 2.1 mg per kg of body mass.[104] Stated differently, the RDA for copper in normal healthy adults is quoted as 0.97 mg/day and as 3.0 mg/day.

        So we need it, yet too much of it will harm us or even kill us.

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