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Debate: Do vaccines work or are they just another money making tool in a trillion dollar industry?

There is much debate regarding vaccination; imposing on an individual's rights, questionable proof as to their effectiveness, and possible links to neurological diseases like epilepsy and autism.

Vaccines act like a type of homoeopathic remedy in the sense that the 'bug' is introduced into the body so that the autoimmune system may produce anti-bodies to protect against the 'bug'.

But, as far as I can tell, the germ theory was debated in early 1900's and disproved in the 1950's, therefore voiding all need for fighting 'bugs'.

So do vaccines actually work? What proof is there? Or is it more for big profit for big pharma?

I am open to all sides of the story!


Closing Statement from Roberto Sciffo

Thank you all for your contributions. It was a great learning experience, and I am sorry to have missed the last day of commenting due to work. I would have enjoyed commenting on you all individually.

We have heard both sides of the story. Pro-vaccination are happy because it provides safety to us and our children, and the statistics that indicate the effectiveness of the vaccine, and Stephan's comments as to how they work.

We are faced however with a 'small' number of people who have had their children come about with symptoms of reduced development progress through to epilepsy and autism.

We have also wondered whether so many vaccines so soon in life a a great idea, considering the fact that the aluminum levels exceed the 'allowed' amount.

The fact that the heavy metals are toxic and are known to promote dis-ease in the body, is something that I can not stress the importance of enough.

The World Health Organization noted as early as 1974 that heavy metal and chemical toxicity were at the cause of most chronic degenerative diseases.

I appreciate Linda Taylor for her research into what I have stated, and her challenges, will add:
1) the mean size of the zeolites are 0.3 microns therefore able to pass into the blood stream.
2) if you are to perform a detox, it needs to be done in stages so as to make it safe. Little of this information is available online.
3) the study you quote done on zeolites, please send me the link to the study as I would like to investigate it and see what the company has to say. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
4) You quote ' Rock that absorb toxins especially ammonia, might be of value' - Zeolites as well as chlorella have been
use since the 80's I believe, in waste water treatment plants for that very reason, both performing as far as I can tell, equally well at about 50% removal. Both are being used as detox mediums as well.

Thank you all and I hope we have all learned a great deal from this debate. Wishing us all the best!

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          Nov 10 2012: Really. You need to take a microbiology lab course. See the buggers yourself. Kill a few off. Grow some cultures.

          You know they treat newborns with prophylactic eye drops before they even begin breast milk. Breast milk has been around since the dawn of humans yet entire populations were decimated with of all things measles. And smallpox. And they got polio. Breast milk prepares the newborn's digestives system to be able to tolerate food and gives them a little additional immunity for a few months. But it is NOT going to prevent measles.

          I'm with Entropy. You are making a totally unsubstantiated leap. And I did read your other posts.

          If you are interested on how the immune system works at an elementary level I highly recommend the Discovery Channel series Battlefield Cell.
          It goes into detail how viruses invade and duplicate and how the immune system destroys it with immunoglobulins (Ig A-G) and proteases. But they use better words. And way cool graphics.

          The primary molecule in a vaccine is taken up by the white cells which present it to a special type of cell that goes to the bone marrow and starts to produce immunoglobulins specific to the contagion and the point of entry and prevents infection the next time the contagion is presented. Leveraging the bodies own defense system to prevent disease.

          They are looking at the possibility of utilizing the same technology to help the body recognize cancer cells. But those are tricky buggers because they arise from ourselves. Kinda tricky to have something attack that kind of disease and not attack the rest of the body.

          Vaccines work, we know how they work, and we even have pictures of them working. (SEM).
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      Nov 10 2012: I thought the benefits of breast-feeding were extremely well accepted. Do some people in the medical profession deny this?
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          Nov 10 2012: You think the docs are responsible for this number? Again it is a compliance issue. Did you ever try and exclusively breastfeed a baby and try and hold down a job or have to stand in line at the welfare office?

          Babies are fussy and my kids would not take the breast milk if I ate green beans or cabbage. I know of a mom whose baby has allergies to her breast milk if she eats eggs. Not to mention the mastitis and pain and leaking and pumping at inopportune times. If we could stay home and breast feed for 6 months the nations overall health would improve.

          The docs, the nurses, the la leche people are all trying to get moms to breast feed. Our society is not set up for it.

          I even heard there are studies linking obesity and infant formula. I have not done the lit search for that but it would be interesting...
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          Nov 10 2012: I agree with Linda that doctors and nurses and any website sponsored by a professional medical association urge mothers to breastfeed. Mothers who get prenatal and postnatal care will surely get this message.

          The only message in the other direction would be some people in the general public who specifically don't want to see breastfeeding in public.
    • Nov 10 2012: i agree with you theodore, though i think the reason i likely because vaccination is the more pressing issue. i'm all for more vocalization on the importance of breastfeeding (especially these days with so many choosing not to do it simply out of convenience) but not at the cost of diluting attention to vaccination.

      on the same subject we also have to be more vocal against people choosing ceasarian out of vanity, when there is well documented evidence that completing the journey through the birth canal has health benefits for both mother and baby, and people choosing home births which may be nice and 'spiritual' or whatever but put both mother and baby at risk. so many people don't even know that 1 in 4 births encounter complications.
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        Nov 10 2012: Why would someone choose Cesarean "out of vanity?"

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