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Idea: Social networking and robotics programing to help children and adolescents develop moral criteria.

Since 1998 I am working with robotics (aka Lego Mindstorms robots) to organize educational experiences to help children to develop moral criteria (As Piaget and Kohlberg) suggest. The idea is very simple: Students has an every class challenge to build a robotic solution for a handicapped persons then they must think about the solution being emphatic with the user of their technical solution. After many years using this focus in our Technology class I have results and it is interesting how students look for solutions using the moral criteria thinking the solution from the handicapped vision.

The second idea is use private social network to help students to use the moral criteria to autocontrol their behavior in a social network. Using Ning as a private social network, we invite students to develop a team solutions using technology. The issue was how the relation each other using empathy. Then we made a review with the communications used in fora. Many time we find comments who discard the other students opinions based in cultural, economical and even races issues, then we the teachers could participate to moderate the discussion and to orient students based in empathy and other moral criteria applied.

Both ideas was used in class between 1998 and 2011 and was published in Information Review of Information Ethics below the tag "Teaching Information Ethics" Could be consulted in


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  • Nov 13 2012: More and more Americans and others around the world are becoming mental robots.
    They are being made into Artificial Intelligence.
    They believe what they are told to believe, think what they are told to think,
    say what they are told to say and do what they are told to do.
    They also don't believe what they are told not to believe, they don't think what they
    are told not to think, they don't say what they are told not to say and they don't do
    what they are told not to do. They thus, are not able to and cannot, make a choice of their own or come to their own decision.

    This is precisely what many want to do with children (and have been doing), claiming that children cannot make choices.
    What B.S.!!
    Of course they can't if they are programmed ahead of time to make a choice that is pre-determined by someone else.

    They will always be making the choice of that someone else, who wishes to play god and destroy the spirit of another child, by claiming,(Oh, this is so rich, it is sinful and evil), that "it is for the good of the child!!!"

    Sorry, cannot approve of your idea unless you let me be the one to determine your kids morals and the morals of others kids as well.
    Unfortunately, too many wonderful children are already being trained by robots. They are known as their parents!
    And the government, in various forms, is involved as well.
    Morals. The TSA strip searching and plain searching children at airports is simply their way of training young kids to get used to being in a Fascist country and growing up that way, with no rights whatsoever. Those are not morals. Those are truly evil intentions and evil human beings. And their parents, right before them, do nothing, as they are told what to do or not do. Say or not say. Think or not think. Believe or not believe. Don't you dare. We will train your kids to be afraid and not to react or act.

    Stay out of it. You have no rights.
    • Nov 13 2012: The idea works an inverse way. If you program a robot it works like a mirror of your thoughts and your vision of the world. The procedures works like a mirror of your moral structure. I am repellent with this TV shows where people laugh for the other accidents. Is a kind of a repulsive pedagogy of avoid empathy with others. But if you invite or challenge a student to develop a piece of software for a machine who suppose help others, the student must be able to put himself in the other situation, analyze it and develop a solution in/for the OTHER needs.

      I am not defending robotics at all, I am using the experience with technology to contribute to the developing of reasoning skills since 25 years ago. And Social networking, program robots and many others are useful if your have the ability to develop learning environments with very rich educational experiences. Papert and Resnick form MIT with LogoWriter and Scratch are doing wonderful job in this matter and Latin America has wonderful experiences.

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