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Is all morality about human rights?

Is the whole of morality about human rights, or human rights the whole of morality? Are there other types of moral concern than human rights concerns? One can argue that morality is a human construct as we are the only species (at present) able to recognize and live by its existence. Thus, morality can only apply to human rights because we are the only species able to even enter into conversation with it in the first place.

With that in mind, do all moral considerations necessarily only relate back to the protection of these rights; so that concerns for animals or the environment are relevant only as moral concerns in terms of how they can directly/or indirectly affect human rights? Or is morality a universal concept that extends far beyond the remit of Human Rights and if so how can one justify such a position?


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    Nov 19 2012: I'd like to think of human rights as an idea, the one of treating a person as human, wholly context specific as opposed to the nonsense UN came up with - which is virtually an extension of a particular dialogue. Morality are not human right - they are simply personal principles which helps us distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.

    Furthermore, morality could rest on religion or any ethical code but there's got to be a personal reference. Its not collective - Mr A could consider fornication as an immoral act (based on Christianity) while Mr B doesn't (based on secularity).

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