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Does Mark Zuckerburg deserve a Nobel Peace Price for social media?

Taken from an article written by David Simon, creator of The Wire, Treme, MacArthur Genius grant winner-

"America will soon belong to the men and women — white and black and Latino and Asian, Christian and Jew and Muslim and atheist, gay and straight — who can comfortably walk into a room and accept with real comfort the sensation that they are in a world of certain difference, that there are no real majorities, only pluralities and coalitions."
Are pluralities and coalitions a direct result to the increasing popularity of social media, online connectvity, and increased awareness of critical issues? Do they appeal to and enhance our empathetic natures?


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    Nov 9 2012: No, not yet.

    However, the potential is there.

    Zuckerberg created an awesome platform for positive global awareness and potential change. A world that is becoming increasingly connected (online) has potential for great social change. Seamless sharing of ideas by humans of all colour, creed or kind is surely a good thing. (Albeit cutting through Facebook advertising messages)

    Social media is here to stay. Only time will tell if Mr Zuckerberg deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

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