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Does Mark Zuckerburg deserve a Nobel Peace Price for social media?

Taken from an article written by David Simon, creator of The Wire, Treme, MacArthur Genius grant winner-

"America will soon belong to the men and women — white and black and Latino and Asian, Christian and Jew and Muslim and atheist, gay and straight — who can comfortably walk into a room and accept with real comfort the sensation that they are in a world of certain difference, that there are no real majorities, only pluralities and coalitions."
Are pluralities and coalitions a direct result to the increasing popularity of social media, online connectvity, and increased awareness of critical issues? Do they appeal to and enhance our empathetic natures?

  • Nov 9 2012: "Does Mark Zuckerburg deserve a Nobel Peace Price for social media?"

    Maybe if he had actually invented the concept of a social networking site (he didn't) and if he stopped violating the privacy laws of half a dozen countries and selling your information to corporations.
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    Nov 10 2012: We are always excited about new inventions, thinking that it would solve most or all of our problems. This feeling and attitude is as old as humanity. And our problems do persist.
    The pursuit of peace, love, understanding and tolerance is a choice. It cant be automatic as long as we are not robots. And it is easier to pay lip-service to these laudable ideals when we are in a good mood; but when the real challenge comes.....that is where we fail.
    We must practice what we preach; we must be realistic about the hard work that needs to be done towards it; and then do it.
    Talk is cheap; even though it is not bad to keep talking so that we are constantly reminded of our inadequacies so as to keep pursuing change.
    • Nov 14 2012: In the spirit of Carl Sagan, having the foresight and the imagination to acknowledge the immense possilbilities awaiting humanity in the near future if only we can create the societal bridges to get there. I'm hopeful that we'll give it a go.
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    Nov 9 2012: No, not yet.

    However, the potential is there.

    Zuckerberg created an awesome platform for positive global awareness and potential change. A world that is becoming increasingly connected (online) has potential for great social change. Seamless sharing of ideas by humans of all colour, creed or kind is surely a good thing. (Albeit cutting through Facebook advertising messages)

    Social media is here to stay. Only time will tell if Mr Zuckerberg deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.
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    Nov 13 2012: I feel like I must be missing something very obvious in this question.

    But if not . . .

    Yes he should but only if Alexander Graham Bell first wins one for inventing the telephone, which many world leaders have since used to head off war.

    I apologize for being flip but this strikes me in the same way as "guns don't kill people, people do" (the inventor of some from of communication, not the people who use it, is why we have peace.)
    • Nov 14 2012: Hello, I'm not quite sure of the criteria for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. My guess is anyone that helps create something profoundly meaningful to the betterment of human kind should qualify. And yes you're being a bit simplistic in your assesment of my narrow mindedness. I hate pointing things out to people, I prefer for people to find things out on their own if it's interesting enough topic for them. Thank you for your candor and your time.
  • Nov 9 2012: Think Arab Spring and the reelection of Barack Obama and their implications for the rest of the world. Time will tell.
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      Nov 9 2012: I would be interested to hear a expansion of what you see as the implications to the rest of the world is.

      I have my own thoughts but would rather not contaminate your ideas.

      Looking forward to your reply.

      All the best. Bob.
      • Nov 9 2012: These recent events ( the re-election of Pres. Barack Obama, The Arab Spring, Hurricane Sandy)
        will forever change the tone on how we deal with important issues like global warming, the economy, foriegn policy, inequality, etc. I'm looking forward to hearing new and radical solutions to these critical issues in the coming years.
        It's good to be hopeful again:)
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          Nov 9 2012: For Obama these are political considerations not a matter of policy. He cannot gather enough votes, even when his party controlled both houses, to pass laws. The Acts he passed under Executive Orders were designed to be just that Acts that captured a significant targeted vote.

          Arab Spring was significant to one particular part of the world and maybe have a impact on a particular religion.

          I am not sure that the world leaders or leading economists agree on your perception of Obama. Even our staunchest allies have begin to waiver.

          I am glad for you that you have hope again ... I am afraid I do not share that hope.

          We disagree but I respect that and wish you well.