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I have the dream, now what?

How do you go from the vision in your heart to a tangible realization of it? After you dream and plan, and flesh out the dream, what is the next step? How do you turn it into a workable idea people will invest in? How do you take it from paper to the community?

My dreams and visions, ideas and concepts seem so huge in comparison to my ability to realize them. As a single mother without many resources, how should I proceed? How can I set an example to others in my position that maybe you don't have to have many resources to get your dream off the ground?


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    Nov 13 2012: Erm "invest in"?

    You cannot sell a dream. You can only live it.

    I suggest you stop expecting personal gratification up-front.

    That expectation is blocking you from enacting your dream.

    Just do it.

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