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I have the dream, now what?

How do you go from the vision in your heart to a tangible realization of it? After you dream and plan, and flesh out the dream, what is the next step? How do you turn it into a workable idea people will invest in? How do you take it from paper to the community?

My dreams and visions, ideas and concepts seem so huge in comparison to my ability to realize them. As a single mother without many resources, how should I proceed? How can I set an example to others in my position that maybe you don't have to have many resources to get your dream off the ground?


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    Nov 12 2012: Well, I'll definitely need more than one sentence then. :)
    To give you a better idea, I'll describe it a bit, and maybe it'll help me figure out the clearest way to express my vision.

    The Imaginarium is a great big museum where people of all ages can come to freely immerse themselves in a magical and whimsical world. The building itself and everything in it is beautiful and interesting, and everything from the floors to the doorknobs, to the art on the walls, to the panes of the windows are meant to be touched, explored, and played with. It's like stepping into a tangible representation of your own imagination. In the main lobby there are a series of doors, each of which leads to a different world. An ornately handcrafted wrought iron door with a clef note handle leads to the hall of music where you can play every manner of instrument. A heavy wooden door with a carved tree leads to an enchanted playland, where you can climb a beanstalk into a loft of clouds and pick play apples off realistic trees. You can watch a fairytale theater or slay a dragon and rescue the damsel in the tower of the scaleable tower. Behind another door is a Da Vinci style workshop, where (with qualified supervision) you can build a shelf, a box, or even a chair from sustainable and reclaimed wood. You can turn the lever on the wall of huge interconnecting wooden gears, or you can explore the workings of a recreation of Da Vinci's flying machines. Another leads to an atrium where you can learn how to grow plants and produce, hands on demonstrations of compost, vermiculture, and sustainable agriculture. You can even decorate a flower pot, plant a seed, and take it home. Yet another leads to the art exhibit, where you can try your hand at sculpting, painting, express your artistic vision on a graffiti wall, or add to the vast and ever changing communal art mural. I haven't even mentioned the observatory, the walkabout, or the games and sculptures on the grounds. It's incredible. :D
    • Nov 13 2012: You believe in exploring new things and having fun?

      want to join with you

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