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I have the dream, now what?

How do you go from the vision in your heart to a tangible realization of it? After you dream and plan, and flesh out the dream, what is the next step? How do you turn it into a workable idea people will invest in? How do you take it from paper to the community?

My dreams and visions, ideas and concepts seem so huge in comparison to my ability to realize them. As a single mother without many resources, how should I proceed? How can I set an example to others in my position that maybe you don't have to have many resources to get your dream off the ground?


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  • Nov 11 2012: What is your vision exactly?

    Tell me it in one sentence.
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      Nov 11 2012: Wow, one sentence. Ok, well, I'll give it a shot. :)

      A huge interactive play museum complex integrated with sustainability technology capable of generating the power to run itself, and featuring exhibits that foster creative discovery in people of all ages.

      It's a run on sentence, but there you go. That's about the bones of it. Is that too vague?
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        Nov 11 2012: That sounds great Rachel.....I LOVE it!!! Have you explored other similar facilities? The Boston Children's Museum is one I can think of that has some of the features you speak of. Have you included engineers and engineering studies in your plan to determine the feasibility of the project being self-sustainable?
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          Nov 11 2012: I haven't consulted any professionals as yet. My concept is based on solar and wind energy. (I live in the Texas Panhandle where there is a surplus of sun and wind). We are actually, as a city, trying to get a wind farm set up in our area, but it keeps getting pushed back. I actually gleaned much inspiration from the Boston Children's Museum! It's one of the places that made me sure that this sort of an endeavor was possible. It's been notably difficult to get a response from anyone on the board to answer my questions, however. I have also contacted the foundation responsible for a children's center locally called The Don Harrington Discovery Center, but I have yet to hear anything back other than an email asking if I had non-profit status, which of course, I do not. :)
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        Nov 11 2012: I LOVE the Boston Children's Museum....it's a great model for your project! Keep trying to contact them...here's a link with a fax and e-mail....tell them your interest is to gain information to do a project similar to theirs, and you would be grateful for their guidence:>)


        In my other comment, I suggested that you did not need non-profit status until you started actually dealing with finances, but if they are not even going to speak to you without non-profit status, why not apply for it now?
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          Nov 11 2012: Thank you for the info! I will certainly be taking that advice!
          As to non-profit status, I am having trouble finding anyone qualified for a board. In my state you must have 3 members, and it has been exceedingly difficult so far.
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        Nov 11 2012: What is the purpose of your company?

        Why will the customer want to exchange with you?

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