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Debate: We should use these techniques to teach our children to be happy

We should teach our children that the best way to answer a question like ¿how are you? every day, instead of "fine thank you", should be: "happy", "excited", etc,

It will influence the entire chemistry in their body, and they will become happy human beings.


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    Nov 11 2012: i highly doubt saying you're happy, excited, etc. will actually cause you to become the emotion. if you are not happy, you are not happy. i don't believe you can just say you are x emotion, and suddenly you will be. i would honestly prefer it if people would stop saying "i'm fine" as their default answer to the question, and instead give an honest answer if they are not fine. there is no point in teaching children to give a specific answer regardless of their emotion. the "best way to answer" that kind of question is with their honest emotion.

    also, i do agree with the people saying that "how are you?" is often a question asked out of habit or without an expectation for details.

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