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Debate: We should use these techniques to teach our children to be happy

We should teach our children that the best way to answer a question like ¿how are you? every day, instead of "fine thank you", should be: "happy", "excited", etc,

It will influence the entire chemistry in their body, and they will become happy human beings.


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    Nov 10 2012: Hello Luis,
    I believe children naturally KNOW how to be happy, and they will be happy unless life circumstances have taught them something different. So, I don't believe we need to teach children happiness...we need to create a safe environment in which they can practice what they already know.

    When people ask me how I am, I usually say GREAT! FABULOUS! FANTASTIC, EXCEPTIONAL, or something like that, because that's truly how I usually am. If I say "fine", those who know me, know that I'm not quite up to par!

    In addition to the fact that I usually am feeling GREAT, even when facing challenges, the responses I give sometimes cause people to really pay attention:>) As someone on this thread mentioned, often people don't really want to know, they just ask the question out of habit, or politeness. When we change our response, it sometimes adds more interest to the question. This not only alters the chemistry in our own body/mind...it often alters other people's chemistry as well:>)

    It has been scientifically proven that smiling/laughing and frowning changes the chemistry in our body/mind. Now, it is proven that body language changes our chemistry as well! I believe in using every possible practice to facilitate joy, happiness, contentment, and good emotional and physical health in my life, and if it touches others, that is a bonus!!!

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