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Debate: We should use these techniques to teach our children to be happy

We should teach our children that the best way to answer a question like ¿how are you? every day, instead of "fine thank you", should be: "happy", "excited", etc,

It will influence the entire chemistry in their body, and they will become happy human beings.


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    Nov 8 2012: I've been living this... every time you ask me how are you?, I say "I'm very happy", the immediate question is WHY? then I look around my life and take one reason why I could be really happy: because I have a new project, because I'm seeing my family tomorrow, because I meet a very nice person, etc. And the truth is that everyone in earth have a reason to be happy, my experience tell me that even in moments that you're not in the best mood, you can change your entire body reaction, and there are science that shows evidence that you will perform better in the solution of the problems you have in life.

    So using the techniques involve lot of practice... that the question how are you? that is a very common one, several times a day we have the chance to use it to our benefit, and the reaction should teach is that the "very happy" answer involves a second question why.... that's the key...
    fake it... so you become right.. well in this case I think you should only remember why you can be happy.. there's a lot of people that are very angry in life and don't even know why... that's sad... so try it.. and like Amy says ITS FREE

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