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Debate: We should use these techniques to teach our children to be happy

We should teach our children that the best way to answer a question like ¿how are you? every day, instead of "fine thank you", should be: "happy", "excited", etc,

It will influence the entire chemistry in their body, and they will become happy human beings.


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  • Nov 8 2012: While I agree that we should be honest with how we communicate to one another, especially with people who genuinely care how we answer, I don't think it will actually change our body chemistry to the extent where we will become healthy happy human beings. I know plenty of people who talk honestly all the time about how they really feel and still don't feel happy. I still think body language is only a reflection of how we feel and changing from the outside to fill a role doesn't necessarily change you. There are plenty of people who are fine on the outside but not happy internally. Just because our children anwer "I feel crummy today" instead of "fine" doesn't mean they evolve into happier people. Better posture doesn't make someone more polite. Telling someone how you feel only sometimes changes how you feel. How about instead of not only teaching our children to anwer honestly to questions about how they feel we also teach them to take responsibility for changing why they feel a certain way (I feel crummy... I'll do something about it).

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