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Do not allow paid political advertising on radio, tv, and internet.

Mass media is arguably the primary influence on the average person's decision-making. It was for this reason that tobacco product advertising was stopped. Political ads have become not much more than attempts to persuade voters to vote NO for something or someone. Most of the content is negative and derogatory, if not outright false. Useful, truthful information is getting more scarce with each election. More muck gets raked every time the campaign season rolls around. Better we should exercise personal initiative to inform ourselves about candidates and issues. Billions of advertising dollars are at stake so the mass media will probably flaunt their powers of influence to stop any such effort, I know the tobacco lobby sure did.


Closing Statement from edward long

123 comments by 23 participants covered the spectrum from status quo to take the vote away from women!
8 people agree with the idea of stopping paid political ads on electronic mass media. 15 people have other ideas. Most believe there is a problem with campaign ethics. Some of the suggestions are: free air time for candidates with fact checking; third party ads ok but not endorsed by candidates; do what other countries do; repeal sufferage; people need information made available to them because they will not get it themselves; a 9-step program was itemized in detail; purge voter ignorance by force-feeding education; all advertising is propaganda; people have already made up their minds so ads don't have much influence; 2 people like the idea but feel it is too difficult to execute (the tobacco ad prohibition carried little weight); one person prefers the status quo; one thinks negative ads are helpful. Thanks to all who shared their wisdom and energy. I will see if TED will allow a debate on this.

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  • Nov 12 2012: I hate commercialism anyway so I haven't thought that much about keeping political ads out but there should at least be a consequence for lying. Romney has set a precedent that needs to be addressed. Adults running for high office should not need a law or threat to keep them to tell the truth and making assertions that can be backed up with evidence, but Romney's bald-faced lied by the bushel basket make the whole process a sham and America an embarrassment in the eyes of the world. We should not need a Constitutional amendment to remove a whole administration from office for getting a war wrong, but Bush-Cheney has made that necessary as well--there is a conflict of interest in ending the war if you aren't willing to admit the truth. These are times where apparently you DO have to put signs on walls to tell people not to hit their heads against them.
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      Nov 12 2012: Whether the Republicans are the only ones who lie or not is beyond the scope of this post. What you have astutely pointed-out sir is that the lying should stop no matter which side of aisle it comes from. Stop paid political advertising on electronic mass media! Thank you!
    • Nov 13 2012: Mr. James, having four Americans murdered in Libya while the whole world watches is an embarrassment in the eyes of the world as well. Both administrations have blood in their hands but the masses are too ignorant to see it. The media has saturated their minds with ignorance. Like sheep being guided in their thoughts.
      • Nov 13 2012: Why address that to me. Isn't this about political ads? Only on right wing media has the tragedy in Libya been made into theater of sensationalism. I do not trust them or there motives. You should probably check your information sources for bias unless you already know you're a right wing dupe. I didn't see anything during the political ad season that President Obama approved that was a lie. And only one or two things done by PACs used actors and maybe fudged a date of two. Romney had Jeep moving to China in the last week of the election and wouldn't stop saying it even after Chrysler complained about the lie. This type of LYING went on even in the primaries. Heck, the man was caught lying on his taxes to get into the Governor's Mansion in Massachusetts. Fool me once, twice---how many times do you need to be lied to before it's YOUR SHAME?
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          Nov 14 2012: Mr. McGuiness, will you please identify any right wing bias in these three questions about Benghazi?
          1) The White House denied pleas for added security prior to the attack. Why?
          2) When did the White House learn of the attack and was appropriate action taken immediately?
          3) From where did the "cover story" about an American-made anti-Muslim film come?
          I know pro-Obama folks will say it's all unimportant, and anti-Obama folks will say it's a premeditated act of treason and acts of impeachment should be drawn-up immediately. But for now how about serious, factual answers to these three fact-based questions? Thank you!

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