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How do we create a better world for all of us and future generations?

My own answer to this question is that we need strong worldwide leadership to initiate big changes. It might not be comfortable for everyone, and may take some time before we see the benefits but if we fail to act positively there is real danger of negative consequences and a much more difficult problem for our children to solve. One thought I have had recently is to unite 3 areas of society to help lead a real change.

If we could bring the current government, Economic and political leaders in to one group, spiritual and religious leaders of all religions and spiritual directions in to another, and scientists ecologists and environmentalists in to a third. In this system we could possibly make it that these three sections of leadership must agree upon all decisions made for the planet unanimously.


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    Nov 13 2012: Kieran,

    I will respond with one quote from Gandhi.

    "There is enough for every man's NEED, but not for every man's GREED".

    If you don't understand the depths of that statement, I'm not sure I can help you understand the meaning of my first or second post. To ignore the 'finite planet' we all depend upon and the increasing consumption particularly of the rich is to ignore the obvious. The signs are way to clear now to ignore, in my opinion.
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      Nov 13 2012: I understand and agree with you. I only mean to suggest that to unite the world and solve issues such as the global economy,the environment, and to have basic human needs fulfilled such as the access to clean drinking water, food, education and health care, we need to work as one to achieve this.

      The state of our planet isn't the fault solely of the rich. politicians and global leadership can be partly to blame for allowing it to happen, so can the people of the world for lack of action, and so on. i don't believe we can solve the issues by creating a gap between any of us. we have all been partly to blame, and we must first accept this. Accept we have been greedy, we haven't cared deeply for generations of the future, and we haven't cared for the environment. Some are more to blame than others, and some have walked the path of Christ or Gandhi himself.

      My own personal view of the world traveling through Greece at the moment is a lot of resistance, blame, and violence being the result after a lot of mistakes with the economy and environment. There is a lot of good that I have seen with people of the country beginning their own self sustained communities. I have also seen single families, should be pensioners, and people with disabilities begging for money, as the country can't provide at the moment. Some are changing their lifestyles to help themselves and some are asking for help, others are throwing petrol bombs.

      The way in which we are attempting to solve a global economic crash is only making it worse for future generations, however this pressure might encourage others to change without the need of governmental control or spiritual/religious guidance. The problems in Greece have the potential to spread worldwide in my own view. If we decide to have the same level of resistance we may have a very broken world with much more problems than I can see today in Greece.
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      Nov 13 2012: I accept my own ideas to be wrong or right, and I relish yours and others opinions in developing my own further. This is a very complex issue and I don't feel like I understand the situation myself, I am but a humble snowboard instructor that watches a lot of youtube. However my view stands that we need to first accept all the wrongs of our global civilization, and unite in a new and profound way to achieve that which Gandhi suggests.

      I think that one way could be to start a new way of leading our global civilization by uniting leaders of the current political system worldwide. Bringing their experience of leading nations with many differences. Combining this unity leadership with people of science who can solve big issues like energy, clean drinking water, food, medical care and so on. With that of spiritual and religious leadership who can guide us to a more positive way of living. Maybe we could abort overall single presidential/prime minster/monarchy way of leading the planet in to unified decision making process with no head of state.

      This is only my own idea and I invite yourself and others to add to, or come up with another solution which actually works, as the current one i perceive to be broken.

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