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How do we create a better world for all of us and future generations?

My own answer to this question is that we need strong worldwide leadership to initiate big changes. It might not be comfortable for everyone, and may take some time before we see the benefits but if we fail to act positively there is real danger of negative consequences and a much more difficult problem for our children to solve. One thought I have had recently is to unite 3 areas of society to help lead a real change.

If we could bring the current government, Economic and political leaders in to one group, spiritual and religious leaders of all religions and spiritual directions in to another, and scientists ecologists and environmentalists in to a third. In this system we could possibly make it that these three sections of leadership must agree upon all decisions made for the planet unanimously.

  • Nov 8 2012: It's simple. Get off the internet and do something.

    And Stop worrying about the world.

    Worry about the people around you. The community around you.

    What I'm I doing today to help?

    I am a student at Cerritos college. I volunteer for the woodworking maintenance department. I help fix and maintain machines.
    I am also repairing one of the karate school fixing the floors.

    It's all volunteer work.
    What makes it great is the feeling of helping people. It is the fulfillment I have everyday when I go home.
  • Nov 7 2012: "How do we create a better world for all of us and future generations?"

    Give me all your money and I'll get it done.
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    Nov 13 2012: I think the problem here lies within many people's lack of wisdom today. I often think that as we've excelled in knowledge, our wisdom has plummeted (though i am not generalising). I do think therefore that our government (speaking from the UK here) needs to be incredibly wise and STOP this rapid progression we seem to be in. With every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and unfortunately it seems that with many actions man takes, the environment feels the reaction directly (which, in turn, means that we too feel the reaction - global warming, etc.)

    In a sense, I think the government need to start slowing down. Stop this sprinting to an unclear goal and, I suppose, start to regress. We have the knowledge, now let's bring back our wisdom. For example, small changes, such as removing escalators from shops. You may laugh, however think about it: I am not suggesting removing lifts, as otherwise those less able to walk wouldn't have the freedom to go where others can. However removing escalators will not only 1. reduce the amount of electricity being used 2. save the retailers money but will 3. Help towards a MASSIVE problem of obesity here in the UK (as well as in America). Yes, it's only getting rid of escalators, but the energy we use to spend actually (god forbid) walking counts! Now i'm only taking the obesity crises as an example, but it's a huge cost for our healthcare system (the NHS in the UK)

    As i said, we need to take small, wise changes that will actually do a lot of good. As before: Reducing escalators = less electricity used = using more energy walking to increase our fitness

    (Also i hope no one focuses solely on my escalator idea, as i don't think it will change the world. My focus is, as i said, small and wise changes enforced by the government)
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      Nov 14 2012: I love it, lots of changes like the one you speak of in my opinion will definitely help direct us to a more positive and wisdom based society. People all over the planet in their respective fields and communities can actually come up with ideas that will work, benefit themselves, those around them, and the goals of reducing emissions and costs to economies across the globe.

      We all have these ideas of how to create a better world starting from ourselves and our local communities. However how do we begin to bring these ideas fully out in to our communities (big and small scale)? If we start to actually make these changes with or without the support of our governments, will others around us begin to realize they can also implement their own ideas? Following that would it be possible that our governments encourage and help support those who have the courage to stand up and start making a difference also?
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        Nov 14 2012: I think people already make huge changes which, yes, influence others, but sadly don't influence everyone. For this example i'll take the idea of car sharing, which not only reduces emission costs but get's us meeting new people, which in a society fuelled by online 'social networks' is so, so critical. Therefore, we NEED the support of the government. Carrying on with the theme of car sharing, if a law was implemented which ensured that a person living X miles away from work and choosing to travel to work by car MUST car share with another employee. And before anyone exclaims 'making a law is a bit extreme!', yes i agree. So maybe, instead of a law, perhaps a negotiation. For those who DO car share, certain 'rewards' are given, such as shopping/supermarket vouchers, or money off holidays (these are only ideas). This way, the car pooling idea wouldn't be compulsory, however by following it a person would only be gaining something (i.e getting money off of certain things)

        Also, a 'negotiation scheme' over a law would actually give people the opportunity to make WISE decisions for themselves, with the promise of a reward, and without the feeling of being forced to do or not to do something, as would be created with a new law.
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    Nov 13 2012: Kieran,

    I will respond with one quote from Gandhi.

    "There is enough for every man's NEED, but not for every man's GREED".

    If you don't understand the depths of that statement, I'm not sure I can help you understand the meaning of my first or second post. To ignore the 'finite planet' we all depend upon and the increasing consumption particularly of the rich is to ignore the obvious. The signs are way to clear now to ignore, in my opinion.
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      Nov 13 2012: I understand and agree with you. I only mean to suggest that to unite the world and solve issues such as the global economy,the environment, and to have basic human needs fulfilled such as the access to clean drinking water, food, education and health care, we need to work as one to achieve this.

      The state of our planet isn't the fault solely of the rich. politicians and global leadership can be partly to blame for allowing it to happen, so can the people of the world for lack of action, and so on. i don't believe we can solve the issues by creating a gap between any of us. we have all been partly to blame, and we must first accept this. Accept we have been greedy, we haven't cared deeply for generations of the future, and we haven't cared for the environment. Some are more to blame than others, and some have walked the path of Christ or Gandhi himself.

      My own personal view of the world traveling through Greece at the moment is a lot of resistance, blame, and violence being the result after a lot of mistakes with the economy and environment. There is a lot of good that I have seen with people of the country beginning their own self sustained communities. I have also seen single families, should be pensioners, and people with disabilities begging for money, as the country can't provide at the moment. Some are changing their lifestyles to help themselves and some are asking for help, others are throwing petrol bombs.

      The way in which we are attempting to solve a global economic crash is only making it worse for future generations, however this pressure might encourage others to change without the need of governmental control or spiritual/religious guidance. The problems in Greece have the potential to spread worldwide in my own view. If we decide to have the same level of resistance we may have a very broken world with much more problems than I can see today in Greece.
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      Nov 13 2012: I accept my own ideas to be wrong or right, and I relish yours and others opinions in developing my own further. This is a very complex issue and I don't feel like I understand the situation myself, I am but a humble snowboard instructor that watches a lot of youtube. However my view stands that we need to first accept all the wrongs of our global civilization, and unite in a new and profound way to achieve that which Gandhi suggests.

      I think that one way could be to start a new way of leading our global civilization by uniting leaders of the current political system worldwide. Bringing their experience of leading nations with many differences. Combining this unity leadership with people of science who can solve big issues like energy, clean drinking water, food, medical care and so on. With that of spiritual and religious leadership who can guide us to a more positive way of living. Maybe we could abort overall single presidential/prime minster/monarchy way of leading the planet in to unified decision making process with no head of state.

      This is only my own idea and I invite yourself and others to add to, or come up with another solution which actually works, as the current one i perceive to be broken.
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    Nov 10 2012: What is a better world? Who is right defining it? Who does have the right to do so?

    We have been fighting for it for years, and always mistakes are made. We only can leit it go and fix what whe think we did wrong.
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      Nov 12 2012: We are living in a world of constant change and our current global civilization as a whole is becoming more aware and conscious of our surroundings. We are beginning to realize the mistakes we have made and the wasteful greedy nature of societies all over the planet, and how that has been affecting our standard of living and environment.

      We are all aware of an economic and environmental crisis which is hindered by increasing population on this planet. With the speed of information available through the Internet more people are starting to realize how negatively this way of living is affecting ourselves, those around us, nature, and the planet as a whole.

      Governments of the world are leading their own ideas of how a more positive change can come about, and some citizens of the world are protesting their actions. With any period of change there is a time period of dis-harmony, resistance and addiction to the old way. Wither we choose to accept it or not a period of change will at some point inevitably occur. We can continue with our old ways, we can begin a new, or we can be in a global dis-harmonic state between the two. No matter what, a change will happen, with the outcome differing to suit how we all choose to deal with it. In harmony and as one or not.
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    W. Ying

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    Nov 10 2012: Well.
    Let people understand what INVALID happiness is and then quit it.
    Then, we all will have a better world.
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      Nov 12 2012: Every person on the planet has the right to chose what happiness is, and what that means to them personally, those around them and the planet as a whole. We are all already free and have the capability to see through our own illusions and realize this. We can have whatever we want, we can be positive, negative, or anything else above bellow or between. However it is the choice of the individual no other person can say what another should or shouldn't be.

      How would you suggest a way in which we create a better world for everyone, assuming that we all want a positive outcome for ourselves, those around us and the planet as a whole? taking in to account the state of the environment, economy and global leadership as it is now.
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    Nov 8 2012: Look at America and look at your question. Religion is the problem. God tells a preacher to tell his congregation that jobs for white people are more important than the water and air we need to survive and an entire political party begins working on destroying the environment in the name of God. God tells a preacher that women are lesser beings and not entitled to equal rights - and is inferior to a fertilized cell - and women's rights are set back 50 years almost overnight. God tells a preacher that homosexuals choose their gender attraction and homophobia sprouts up. Christianity is frequently referred to as the American Taliban. it has become so aggressive in the last 20 years, that I fear it. These people are so cruel that they don't honor our Constitution now. What will cause them to honor some other laws that their God doesn't like.
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      Nov 8 2012: We live in a complicated world and there is no single thing that we can blame as the source to all of our problems. Industry and globalization has been to blame as well as politicians, religions and spiritual leaders along with ourselves and those around us.

      It is my belief that we need to accept what we have all done, all the good and the bad in all areas of society and ourselves and to move forward together as one in peace and harmony to achieve the most positive outcome for Earth.

      It is easy to simply state something like this however it is time we all come up with a plan that actually works, benefits us all, unites nature and technology, human contribution to a global society and fair living for all. Inclusive of education,food, housing, medical care and clean drinking water for every person.
  • Nov 18 2012: I think about this question often and I find it very thought provoking. One small way is for parents to instill the same dicipline and values that prior generations taught their children. In my opinion, children nowadays are rarely disciplined and when they are, parents cave way too quickly. This leads to very bad habits in children which can also lead to negative long term personality traits and little drive - especially when faced with adversity. We need to get back to some of the old school values if we want our children to be strong leaders and for the world to be a better place.
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    Nov 12 2012: End greed, ignorance and domination and control over every living thing.

    Let the poor inherent the earth.

    Return to reverence and respect for this once garden planet. Understand we do not inherent earth's resources (wealth) from our ancestors but hold them in 'trust' for future generations.
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      Nov 13 2012: I believe that the rich and everyone else between as well as the poor are all part of this planet, and a true global change needs unity if we are to make any decision regarding our future, wether it be positive or negative. I personally believe that we need to accept all that we perceive to be wrong and right, as it is now in order to unite all areas of society; all religions and spirituality, all classes, political ideals, science, nations etc.

      To unite a world isn't an easy thing, but it is what is so obviously required for us to truly solve all our issues, and provide a better world for our children.

      There is so much potential in humanity to unfold a series of events which bring about either a negative or a positive outcome to our current global crisis. Every person on this planet at some point has done bad things and good things; individuals, governments, nations, and the planet as a whole. From all areas of society; politics and economics, banking, religion, spirituality, science and so on.

      Maybe if we can accept all the good and bad from ourselves, our governments, our religions, and those around us, rich and poor, we might have the opportunity to make a real and positive change everywhere.

      Not in the way that we all need to be exactly the same but united in our differences with a common goal of providing the very basics in which this planet can move in a positive direction. For all of us here now and our future generations; clean environment, sustainable living and food for all, clean drinking water, free medical care and education for everyone.

      I believe that the time for complaint and blame over our current crisis is coming to pass. The time for all of us to find solutions in ourselves, our communities and Earth is here, now.

      I'm not sure everyone will like the "feed the poor, eat the rich" type scenario, however with the above in mind, how would you suggest we unite and solve the planets issues? How can you make a difference? And how can I?