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How do we create a better world for all of us and future generations?

My own answer to this question is that we need strong worldwide leadership to initiate big changes. It might not be comfortable for everyone, and may take some time before we see the benefits but if we fail to act positively there is real danger of negative consequences and a much more difficult problem for our children to solve. One thought I have had recently is to unite 3 areas of society to help lead a real change.

If we could bring the current government, Economic and political leaders in to one group, spiritual and religious leaders of all religions and spiritual directions in to another, and scientists ecologists and environmentalists in to a third. In this system we could possibly make it that these three sections of leadership must agree upon all decisions made for the planet unanimously.


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  • Nov 8 2012: It's simple. Get off the internet and do something.

    And Stop worrying about the world.

    Worry about the people around you. The community around you.

    What I'm I doing today to help?

    I am a student at Cerritos college. I volunteer for the woodworking maintenance department. I help fix and maintain machines.
    I am also repairing one of the karate school fixing the floors.

    It's all volunteer work.
    What makes it great is the feeling of helping people. It is the fulfillment I have everyday when I go home.

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