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How do we create a better world for all of us and future generations?

My own answer to this question is that we need strong worldwide leadership to initiate big changes. It might not be comfortable for everyone, and may take some time before we see the benefits but if we fail to act positively there is real danger of negative consequences and a much more difficult problem for our children to solve. One thought I have had recently is to unite 3 areas of society to help lead a real change.

If we could bring the current government, Economic and political leaders in to one group, spiritual and religious leaders of all religions and spiritual directions in to another, and scientists ecologists and environmentalists in to a third. In this system we could possibly make it that these three sections of leadership must agree upon all decisions made for the planet unanimously.


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    Nov 8 2012: Look at America and look at your question. Religion is the problem. God tells a preacher to tell his congregation that jobs for white people are more important than the water and air we need to survive and an entire political party begins working on destroying the environment in the name of God. God tells a preacher that women are lesser beings and not entitled to equal rights - and is inferior to a fertilized cell - and women's rights are set back 50 years almost overnight. God tells a preacher that homosexuals choose their gender attraction and homophobia sprouts up. Christianity is frequently referred to as the American Taliban. it has become so aggressive in the last 20 years, that I fear it. These people are so cruel that they don't honor our Constitution now. What will cause them to honor some other laws that their God doesn't like.
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      Nov 8 2012: We live in a complicated world and there is no single thing that we can blame as the source to all of our problems. Industry and globalization has been to blame as well as politicians, religions and spiritual leaders along with ourselves and those around us.

      It is my belief that we need to accept what we have all done, all the good and the bad in all areas of society and ourselves and to move forward together as one in peace and harmony to achieve the most positive outcome for Earth.

      It is easy to simply state something like this however it is time we all come up with a plan that actually works, benefits us all, unites nature and technology, human contribution to a global society and fair living for all. Inclusive of education,food, housing, medical care and clean drinking water for every person.

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