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For those of you who voted for Barack Obama, what were your main reasons for voting for him?

Since this election will make a huge change in the direction of the United States for ever. Clearly the conservative view point did not resonate with half of the voters especially in the swing states. I would like to know what the reasons were for voting for Obama


Closing Statement from pat gilbert

Ok out of 152 comments I got 6 answers to my question.

1 answer was to vote against the rich

1 answer was to vote against Romney's intention to let the too big to fail fail and the jobs that would be lost

3 answers were because Romney did not respect women or pro choice

1 answer was because Romney represented lost jobs.

So to read into it a little with Women it was about pro choice

With men it was about jobs

In my experience this is typically what the left believes.

I do thank you for your forthright answers.

With this stuff the devil is in the details, I get a clear sense of unwillingness to look at the details.

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    Nov 14 2012: the President did what he said he would do during his campaign

    4 years is NOT enough time to determine the benefits of the administrations efforts considering the immensity of the crisis,

    no viable alternative,

    the ethno-socio-economic makeup of the people at the Republican Convention...(giggle)
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      Nov 14 2012: I assume you voted for Obama. It looks like your reasons were to give him enough time and that there was no viable alternative.

      Is there any single event that symbolizes your feelings?
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        Nov 14 2012: Good assumption since your question is specifically directed at those who voted for him

        There is no "single" event that symbolizes my feelings anymore than there is any single issue that prompts my vote...

        but if we use President Obama's overall response, to avoid the crisis spiraling farther out control than it already had, as a single event then, .
        keeping the banking system, auto industries and insurance industries from failing together would help symbolize my feelings...wether one agrees with his methods or not, the fact that he chose to save these industries instead of allowing them to fail, as his opponent indicated he would have, shows me President Obama is not an acolyte of "Disaster Capitalism".......and for that alone deserving of my vote and continued support.

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